Trying Something New

So, I’m attempting to post this via email. This could go horribly wrong…but let’s see if it works!

Today has been a writing day. Thankfully because while I’ve been trying to write something every day sometimes it’s been two words. Luckily today has gone lots better.

The writing is probably the one resolution I’m not doing so great on at the moment in general. The others are going better. I’ve managed to write something in my blog every day for three weeks! I’m getting myself fitter (still doing the daily Wii Fit and now up to 45 mins). I’ve made progress on the business plan and market research. I’ve focused on my study although admittedly could be doing slightly more here too.

And I’m having fun.

All in all not a bad start to the year. 🙂

OK, so about to try the posting thing! Fingers crossed!


Busy, busy, busy

I seem to be frenetically busy.

I’m not sure what happened.

I distinctly remember leaving IBM and thinking I would have time for more writing, to relax, to get healthy. Somehow I seem to have ended up busier than ever.

Between study, doing the Aimhigher work, coaching practice, setting up the coaching business, my various online activities (and OK maybe I didn’t need to take on the upkeep of a virtual cat), doing some wii fit and writing…I seem to have too much to do.

All of which has left me feeling a little frazzled today. Tomorrow is definitely a ‘Get Rachel Organised Day.’

And, yes, trying out a new design for the blog.