Wii Experiments

As I am now far too proficient at Wii tennis with my right hand, I’m trying to see if I can become as proficient playing tennis with my left hand.

So far I’ve won all my games but dropped a couple of points here and there.  The main issue seems to be direction as with my left my only ability is to get it over the net and hopefully somewhere on the court at this point.

It’ll be interesting to see if I can get to my current right handed score of 2000+ or how quickly I lose interest.


Hitting the books

So I managed some study today – mainly reading ready to start mapping out the essays tomorrow.

And that’s been it.

Apart from an exciting game of Wii tennis where I lost my Pro status and won it back in the same twenty minutes.

First Day of a New Regime

So today was the first day of my new regime on resting to try and regain some energy. 

Highlights include:

– Cycling on the Wii Fit where I mastered the whole steering thing.  Unfortunately I can only find 21 of the 22 checkpoints in the Advanced course but at least it allows me to break the game and save my time.

– Watching Masterchef where two went through to the semi-finals and the poor bloke who didn’t was forced to hear the news that he was the only one not going through.  It would have been kinder to have sent him home and then broken the news to the other two.  Ah well.

– Getting excited about Doctor Who.  I saw the trailer for BBC America today and it was exciting along with all the other trailers that are now on the web, I am very excited about the new series.

– Writing.  Yes, I actually did some original writing – the first chapter of a new novel.  All very exciting.

And apart from having to feed myself and the cat (who ended up having half the tuna I prepared for lunch), today has been relaxing and energising. So far, so good.

Studiously studying

Today has been all about study.

Well, apart from the four hours I spent in the middle of the day at my sister’s being fed and watered.   We have agreed to stop playing Petville on Facebook which is great because I can stop spending time on virtual animals (is it bad that I feel guilty about not feeding a virtual cat?)  I also used my time there to demonstrate the Bird’s Eye exercise on wii.  And I got given a doggy bag to bring home with me so even better.

The rest of the day has been spent on study.  The essay is not quite where I want it to be but it is much further along than it was this morning, and I hope to have the first draft fully completed tomorrow.

So a good day even if studying has made me a slightly grumpy bear.  🙂

Writing or study…

Writing or study…writing or study…

Well, the writing won out today so study tomorrow it seems. 

I just woke up in the mood to finish a fic and so that’s what I did.  Which has meant that today has been very relaxing and not at all stressful, and exactly what I needed after the busy week I’ve just had.  Next week is luckily much quieter so that will be good. 

I even managed to fit in some wii tennis and wii fit plus – which made me all smug at doing something healthy, so much so that I treated myself to fish and chips which probably ruined all the good work but they were tasty. 

But I do need to study tomorrow.

Have I done anything today?

Today has been one of those days when I know I’ve been busy but I look back and think – what did I actually do?


I did some writing.  That took up most of the morning because the cat was playing – let’s jump on Rachel and disturb her mid-thought.

I did some exercise – loving the Obstacle course on the Wii Fit Plus – and combined that with some tennis on Wii Sport (it is quite sad how competitive I get against cartoon opponents).

Watched Masterchef Australia and Masterchef UK while I had my dinner.


Organised hiring some marketing expertise.

And that’s been about it. 

Still not sure where the time went.

Wii Fit Plus

Having received Wii Fit plus for Christmas, and having somehow missed the point that it transferred your data from Wii Fit, I finally decided to try it today. 

I have to admit it’s nice to have new games to play; love the upgraded Table Tilt and Tilt City.  Hate the cycling (which all went very pear-shaped in a way that reminded me far too much of cycling for real) and the skate board (which just seems a different version of snow boarding which I’ve also never been able to work out properly).

The routines are interesting but weird and I’m not entirely sure I’ll be using them.  The My Routine though I like.

The new feature that caught my attention was the “calories burned counter”.  Apparently I burned 120 calories.  Is that good?  I have no idea.  How many calories should I be burning through exercise?  Again, no idea.  I think this feature is just there to taunt me.

At least all the new stuff made exercising interesting today.