Vampires and The Doctor

I’m tired today – very tired.  As in chronic fatigue induced ill-tired. 

Ah, well.

Let’s tackle Vampires first as that’s what I was reading earlier today. I’ve now read the whole Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.  It’s easy to see why it’s very popular.  It’s a great tale, compulsively compelling, and she tells it very well even if it is a little cliche and predictable in places.  The characters are well-drawn; my favourite though is neither of the two leads but rather Jacob.  Maybe it’s just because there’s something so irritatingly smug, selfish and self-centred about Bella and Edward in all their love affair, and while both acknowledge that even, it’s not enough to make me *like* them.  Huh. 

The Doctor – something else on my mind.  I’m not a Whovian by any stretch of the imagination but like all Brits I do have a fondness for the institution that is Doctor Who.  I remember nights in my childhood hiding behind the sofa because it was scary.  I loved K-9 (actually still do).  And for me, the Doctor is Peter Davidson.  I watched the reincarnation of Who in 2005 with interest.  Christopher Eccleston seemed too serious and the whole show seemed too earnest for me so I dipped in and out of the episodes.  When David Tennant took over I thought he did a much better job at combining both the angst of the Doctor with a sense of how much fun it all was.  I was sorry to see him go but in reviewing the episodes and the stories in my head, it would be difficult to see how he could have stayed.  The Tenth Doctor’s story was effectively told when the Earth was restored and all the Companions dropped off in Journey’s End.  Since then, it’s just been a slide to the inevitable finish. 

The End of Time was good.  Enjoyable.  But as my sister said; he took an incredibly long time to die.  One false alarm was good (the battle with the Time Lords very interesting with the Master saving him, and intriguing, just who was that woman), two was too many.  And while the saunter through the Companions was a sentimental touch, it was a tad unnecessary (and seriously, Martha and Mickey – wasn’t she engaged to some doctor blokey the last time we saw her).  

Matt Smith’s first scene as the Doctor was a little manic – he looks a lot better in the preview which also looks as though it’s taking Who back to a more gritty style.  It’ll be interesting to see the actual show when it comes back in Spring 2010 – even if I did catch sight of a vampire in the clips.