Whiplash and Other News

So, I wrenched my neck on Tuesday and I’ve exacerbated the old whiplash injury.  I’d like to claim I was doing something heroic but it was humiliatingly domestic and not worthy of being part of a story.  Between this and the right ankle which still occasionally twinges (or the hip if I’m balancing my weight badly because of the ankle), clearly my body isn’t in optimum working condition.  However, the fatigue is much, much better than it was which is great because pain I can manage; the fatigue I still have difficulty managing.

Unfortunately today I’m very stiff and pained because yesterday I cleaned the house.  I’m beginning to think I should ask my Dad to pay for a cleaner for a year as my Christmas present but I know it’s a waste of money when my pain is under control.  Possibly I just need to pace myself better (before Mauritius I had got into the habit of splitting the house up – top, middle and bottom on different days).

In other news, I haven’t done very much over the past couple of weeks (unsurprisingly) between the revision for the exam and the health issues but I did manage to find time to do the necessary things which included putting together the training material for a course I’m running pro-bono for a charity organisation in Novemeber.  I’m looking forward to it.  Next week, I’ll be focused primarily on the business as the psychology is now on hiatus until January – I do have a couple of projects in mind around articles but they’re not top priority.

Writing wise National Novel Writing Month starts on 1st November and I will be taking part again in the hopes of getting the draft of the novel finished.  It’s been going reasonably well anyway but I like taking part in NaNoWriMo.

The cat is doing well.  She’s completely settled in and spending time in the garden on her own and happily coming back in when she’s called.  She’s still a riot.  I’m looking forward to Dad meeting her since he’ll be home soon (and thank God because he can take over doing the vacuum cleaning).

Finally, let’s talk about the X Factor because clearly Simon’s advice to the judges this week was “be controversial and make it about you rather than the contestants.”  Gary clearly tried by calling Sami’s performance boring and cruise ship (which was true even if she has a great voice – Louis did the same thing last time with Mary), and blaming Louis for making bad acts worse.  I think the problem is that actually Louis does have great acts this season but he’s just using the same formula with them as he always does – hence Sami=Mary and the cruise ship comparison.  With the other two he’s gone for the ‘put on a flamboyant show to hide the flaws’ strategy which is off target for a number of reasons.  Kitty does suit a flamboyant styling and staging, but she’s actually is a better singer than she’s been given credit for, and with Johnny who can sing, has the most incredibly unique voice and seems to be a really likeable funny guy, it’s coming across as Louis making a joke out of him rather than celebrating Johnny’s very real talent.  Maybe the strategy will keep them in the competition but especially with Johnny I feel its undermining his credibility as an artist: he’s not Lady Gaga.

Of course, Gary’s attempt at controversy was almost blown out of the water by Tulisa and then Louis calling out Misha (who had the stand out performance of the night) on her behaviour backstage.  Personally, I agree with Gary and Kelly: if there is a problem it should have been handled backstage and not used in judging commentary.

And that’s it for this week.  I’m off to do some writing and figure out a menu for next week so I can do my Tesco’s shopping…


Monday Madness

So it looks like Monday’s are going to be the day for the project report, I mean, blog post.

Health: Well, having overdone it at the weekend, it did take pretty much the whole of the week to catch back up and regain my lost energy. 

Friends and family: Dad went back to Mauritius so I do have the house back to myself.  The cat is still poorly.  We had another exciting trip to the vets on Thurs where it turned out that despite eating more he’d managed to lose 0.5 kilo.  This is not good.  The vet doesn’t need to see him for a couple of months but realistically if he loses more weight and continues with the urination problems he has, we’re counting his life in days and weeks not months and years.   

Psychology: So, yes, I ignored this again this week but as the tutorial is on Saturday I will have covered all the relevant material by then. 

Coaching business: Attended a networking lunch on Friday so business wise I perhaps didn’t acheive as much as I set out to do but definitely achieved as much as I wanted given the energy issue.   

Writing: I continued my break as reading takes less energy and I think sometimes I do need to take a step back so I don’t become too stale. 

Most fun activity of the week: Surprisingly the network lunch tops the bill this week.

Random thought of the week: My tv viewing is now down to one TV show: Castle.  Witty and amusing in a more stylish and updated Murder She Wrote way.  I’m enjoying it.

The Case for the Defence

So I’ve been distracted with NaNoWriMo and…OK, so I plain forgot there for a couple of days about the blog.

I did remember yesterday and then my broadband refused to connect to let me post. 

Mainly yesterday’s post was going to be about Take That and how manic Robbie looked through the performance on The X Factor (and how it was quite sweet that Howard and Mark noticed and propped him up/encouraged him at times.)

Today’s blog was mostly going to be that reality TV contestants really need to learn how to perfect the ‘I’m loving every moment of this’ look (see: Aaron, on Masterchef Australia, who looked so completely pissed off at the returning contestants that it was very funny and was called on it by the judges, and couldn’t lie to save his life – and I like him, he’s one of my favourites), and the ‘I have no really strong feelings about this person you’re asking me about’ look (see: Aiden from The X Factor on today’s This Morning who looked so completely in the midst of mancrush on Matt and so completely ‘I really hate Katie’ and so couldn’t hide either reaction it wasn’t funny).

In which I ramble…

1# I so called the result of the X-Factor on Sunday last week: Katie and Belle Amie in the bottom two with Belle Amie to leave.  I’ve pretty much called the results this year so far.  Is it psychic ability or just an ability to know what the public wants?  Hmmm.

2# The cat has appropriated my Dad’s chair in the last week except for when I sit in the living room in which case he appropriates my knee.  I love that he loves sitting on my lap and cuddling up but there is only so long I can sit still and do nothing.  Or watch TV.

3# Masterchef: The Professionals passed me by.  I did tune in for the final and thought Claire was a worthy winner but wasn’t overly engaged. 

4# Still watching Masterchef Australia although there are a couple of contestants that I would like to leave.

5# Read Lee Child’s Worth Dying For (the continuation but not really of 61 Hours).  Frankly, while it was good to see Reacher back to his usual stumble-into-town, kick-ass, move on again normality, I’m not seeing why the whole ‘to be continued’ thing at the end of 61 Hours unless it was to comfort and reassure the readers that Reacher wasn’t really dead, but in that case why end 61 Hours there at all?  Hmm.

Geeking Out

I have to admit that I did nothing today.  Well, not nothing but nothing constructive.

Last night though I did end up watching some old Atlantis episodes with my best friend which was great because she always loved the show even when I wasn’t that enthused.

It was a good night of nostalgia and commenting about how young they all looked when they started out.

Reality Bites

Really, the problem with cutting back on everything I’m doing means that I have very little to actually blog about as my life turns into one giant relaxation session.

Except for reality television because there is nothing like Masterchef Australia where they are going all out on the blubbing this year.  Seriously: a grown man crying because he might knock another out of a reality tv competition??  Did someone fail to explain the rules?  What would have happened to Australian cricket if Warne had taken the same approach?  (Well, hopefully England would have won more matches or maybe not since the Australian man in question in Masterchef may have blubbed everywhere but he did win).