Figure Skating

I finally managed to tune into the BBC for the figure skating at the right time.

As I have a pathological fear of slipping on ice, I am both envious and awestruck at the ice-dancers who not only skate around but dance around the ice with such skill.

And it was the tango compulsory dance.  Even better.  The Russians who ended up in first position were just gorgeous to watch.  The Canadians even more so, IMO. 

I love the commentary where Robin Cousins explains the technical stuff and Sue Barker provides an audience/everyman reaction. 

“That didn’t have the same charisma as others,” said Sue about one couple (the Italians I think).*

“Clinical is what I’ve written down,” agreed Robin.*

(*Please note these may not be exact quotes).

It’s a great double-act.  Off to catch-up on the rest via BBC i-player.