Shopping Delivery

I hate supermarket shopping.

Loathe it.

I always have since I was a small child being dragged around the supermarket by my mother.  Saturday ‘shopping’ trips were despised (and not only because they interfered with my ability to watch Jan Michael Vincent on Airwolf).  I was a small child and other shoppers regularly walked into me with their trolleys.  They still do.

Hence, I love the trend towards supermarket deliveries.  Yes, you pay extra for them to bring it to you but, for me, the extra three-four pounds is well worth not having to enter the supermarket myself even if it is only down the road.

And when it is delivered it does feel a little like Christmas as you open the carrier bags and see what they’ve actually given you.  I have to admit that I’ve been getting deliveries for over two years now so they have improved enormously.  Partly I think because I always go for my favourites and these all have detailed notes on what to substitute (if anything) and any special instructions (such as please don’t make all the meat have a use-by date of tomorrow, nor give me overly ripe fruit).  But I still remember fondly asking for Fairy Liquid and being given Toilet Duck in one of my earliest deliveries.  I’m not sure what they were trying to tell me.

When I’m away it’s even more brilliant being able to arrange a delivery just before I arrive home.  The last time I was in Mauritius I went to the Internet cafe in the hypermarket.  While my sister and sister-in-law went off to shop for food for our final week in Mauritius, I went online and in fifteen minutes did a week’s worth of shopping to be delivered for the day I arrived home.  Texted the cat-sitters to let them know and went in search of Sis who was still shopping in the hypermarket. So easy.

As someone with chronic conditions it is just absolutely brilliant knowing that I don’t have to rely on myself to brave the weather or supermarket shopping madness.  It saves me a whole heap of stress, and not to mention time.  Speaking of my conditions, I have now added a page to explain further what they are so in future I can just direct people here rather than duplicating massive amounts of email with the same information.



I actually took the car out this morning and as soon as I did it immediately started snowing…

But as I had a doctor’s appointment I carried intrepidly on, disregarding the absent thought that my sister would have probably cautioned me to have a shovel, spare change of clothing, blankets, hot water bottles, dinner for a small army and plenty of water and chocolate in the car with me before I set out.  (For the record, I had one Mars bar in the glove compartment, one half frozen bottle of water I’d left in the car, a frozen can of pepsi I assume Dad left in the car and a sleeping bag in the boot – all of which I’m not sure would provide me much comfort if I ever did get stuck in a snow drift).

The doctor’s steps and front garden were salted and clear of ice – the pavement to get to the front garden not so much.  It was like Dancing on Ice without the celebrity panel to tell you that the scared grimace doesn’t do you any favours nor the hunky bloke dancing with you to keep you upright. 

One doctor’s visit over…snow was still falling.  I was beginning to regret the notion that ordering the Tesco’s delivery could wait a day.  Our road was still mired in slush when I left and I was certain the snow would make it inaccessible again if it kept coming.

So I braved Tesco’s.  In and out, I told myself grimly.  Just grab what you need.  In I went, promptly forgetting half the stuff I needed to stock up on.  At least I came out with the essentials: bread, milk, rice pudding and the new pretty shower scrubby thing that I spotted as I ambled down the toiletries aisle.

Back at home, I’ve spent the rest of the day pretty much recovering from the outings this morning and have achieved nothing more than doing a coaching session over the phone and making myself tea.  I think the cat is worried at how tired I am because every time I’ve gotten into bed to rest or sat down today he’s sat on me as though to ensure I won’t move. 

The snow didn’t stop until early evening and is now covering everything – the road looks horrible.  I’m eyeing the rearranged appointments I have on Friday and wondering if rearranging them for a third time is going to make me look deranged or sensible…