Study and Scrabble

So, did some studying today and focused on the more mathematical/scientific side of the assignment that is due next week.  Analysing the statistical data is not so much of an issue as I thought which is good.  But then I guess those years staring at budget graphs and trend analysis in IBM did me some good.  Designing an experiment though…hmmm.  Whether I have controlled the confounding variables, focused on the right independent variable and dependent variables or not, chosen my within or between participants for the right reasons…I’m not so clear on.  But I had a go and I’m sure my tutor will tell me exactly which part of the question I misinterpreted.

Certainly, misinterpreting the questions seems to have been my biggest issue last assignment (despite a good start in terms of overall mark) where I kind of came at them the wrong way – or thought the right answer was far too obvious and they must want something else.  Here I’m aiming for obvious answers and hoping that’s what they’re looking for.  Of course, my tutor did say that many people misinterpret the questions and that’s where they go wrong – which kind of begs the question – if so many of us misinterpret the questions, maybe the problem isn’t the students, it’s the framing of the question to elicit the response wanted…just a thought.

On a happy note: I continue my reign as Super Scrabble Champion of my small but close knit family.  The final score of the number of games won over the Christmas period: Me – 3, Dad – 1, Uncle K – 0.  Although I’m sure had we played more Uncle K would have won one or more given the number of times he manages to get all 7 letters out – he almost beat me in the first game.