When Is An Achievement Not An Achievement

So, I haven’t touched the blog for almost a month!  I hadn’t realised it was quite that long since my last entry.  Mostly my absence is due to ongoing health issues and trying to focus on my novel writing.

Health wise, things are beginning to look up.  It’s always difficult once you’re in a cycle of injury-fibromyalgia trigger-fatigue trigger and so on, to find a way out but I have started to slowly climb out of the abyss so to speak.

Writing has been sporadic and I’ve been kind to myself and allowed myself to simply write what I’ve wanted to on any given day even if that wasn’t the novel.  Mainly because forcing myself to write the novel when I have a quite natural block takes energy that I don’t have at present.

I did pass my last psychology module with a 2:1 result which is great.  Convincing myself it’s great is taking some time though since I’ve passed the others with distinction.  I’ve had more distractions (other responsibilities) than the psychology this year with trying to get the business more promoted so the result is the one I planned for and is an achievement even if it feels like a let down after the other results.  (It is an achievement, I say again to myself).

And if nothing else, finally doing another blog is an achievement. 🙂


And It’s All Over Now…

Yay! My psychology exam is done!!

And my self-enforced ‘I’m not doing anything other than revising’ period has come to an end!

The exam went OK; not brilliant by any means and I think on one of them I waffled around the question rather than answering the question but I think I did OK.  Well enough to pass at any rate.  Hopefully, I’ll secure the 2:1 that I’ve been averaging in the course work as overall with the course work mark unless I astonish myself with my exam marks, I’m not expecting distinction.  Just one more year to go and I get my hands on my diploma.

In other news, tomorrow I’m treating myself to the new book I’ve downloaded onto my Kindle and doing very little except sending my car for its MOT/Annual service.  Something I only remembered was due the other day.  After my exam I had a quick trip to Tesco to put petrol in the car as it wasn’t quite empty but almost.

So, a nice long weekend, maybe some writing, followed by a restart on business-y things on Monday.  See you on the other side.

Rambling is rambling

So, just a quick post to say that yes I have forgotten to do the blog until now and I’m kind of immersed in revising – and sleeping.

Sleeping because apparently my body has caught onto the almost two weeks of non-sleep (sleep disturbed, sleep insomnia) it suffered and is trying to make up the difference.  Only not really.  Because mostly I end up with very freaky dreams which may or may not be psychic – some of them have the same feel as the dream I had of my pregnant friend having a difficult pregnancy before she had actually told me she was pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy.  Still, I’m pretty much ignoring that because…

Revision!  For the exam!  Eek!

Well, that and The X Factor which has now hit the critical stage where it gets interesting.  So who else is assuming girl group Rhythmix is going out first because hello, girl group always goes out quickly!  I have to say though I loved the Robbie and Gary show; loved Robbie doing his impression of Sinitta…very, very funny.

The Psychology of Petville

I was musing yesterday that Petville is a fascinating game from a psychological point of view. 

For the uninitiated, the game on Facebook effectively means you create a virtual pet.  It lives in a virtual house.  You earn money through visiting friends who also play the game and ensuring your pet is fed.  There are furniture, car, hardware and clothing stores where you can buy things so you can decorate and furnish your house any way you want, buy a car and outfit your pet in a snazzy outfit.  The more you earn the more items you can buy.  The more you buy the more “love” points you earn which provide you with additional levels where more rooms in your house unlock.

I’m fascinated though by whether there is a relationship with the type of person you are in reality and the actions on Petville.  Is the pet chosen indicative of a certain personality type?  Does the way you choose to outfit your pet have meaning? (Mine is naked as I refuse to dress the real cat in cute outfits and don’t see why I need to change this viewpoint for the virtual version).  Is the way you outfit your house on Petville similar to the way you outfit your home?  And what does that tell us about the personality of the person decorating the virtual house?

All very fascinating questions which I’m sure someone somewhere will attempt to answer if it hasn’t already been attempted by looking at online game-playing before now.

Personally, I’m thinking that all this means for me is that I’m spending too much time playing the game given everything else I have to do.  Hmmm.

Random thoughts

I now have an exam date for my first psychology module!  14th June.  Of course, I also have to fill in the facilitation form to request special circumstances so that may change but weird.  I haven’t had to sit an exam since the end of my first degree at St Andrews.  Admittedly I am one of those strange creatures for whom exams aren’t all that much of a big deal.  So long as you prepare for them they’re fine.  (Yes, yes, I know – nerd).

Masterchef Australia is now my lunch time companion.  It’s a strange mix of Masterchef here in the UK (which I love), Top Chef from the US (only with amateurs), and The Apprentice.  Still, it has gorgeous looking food which usually puts my luncheon efforts to shame.  I watched earnestly today as they showed how to make a very tasty looking ricotta pasta as I tucked into egg and soldiers.

Speaking of TV, I was hugely pleased to have Criminal Minds to watch last night as NCIS is on some kind of two week break (back next week).  The show which is all about a team of FBI behaviour analysts who capture serial killers is fascinating (well, you kind of would expect it to be for a trainee psychologist right?) and very slick in terms of production.  I did consider criminal/forensic psychology as a specialism but I think enjoying something on TV is probably a million miles away from the reality.  A bit like the difference between Masterchef and my cooking.

Today's Report

Today – as yesterday – has been a study day and I now do have a report drafted for my assignment.  I’m going to leave it now and take another look at it Sunday/Monday before doing the polishing and sending in. 

It has been a new experience and very challenging.  I’m certain one of the balls I dropped because I was tired (attending the full Day School where report writing and experimental design were covered in detail) would have been useful.  Still, the report is written, and though no doubt it will be rewritten before I hand it in, I do feel a sense of accomplishment at completing something which has been so challenging.  Although my poor brain is tired from all the thinking!

I’ve also managed to fit in an amazing amount of “stuff” today in between writing the essay.  It’s good to see the building blocks of the business forming with the confirmation of the PO Box and the bank account arriving.   All the Aimhigher prep is done for Monday.  Bills are paid, finances are updated.  Diary and wall calendar are in synch.  I also squeezed in a relaxing facial (important “me” time) and my wii fit.

On one hand I’m pleased to be accomplishing so much – I’m exhausted but I’m still achieving things (go, me!), and yet on the other hand, I’m questioning whether doing so much is really OK when my energy levels are clearly being slow to recover.


A question to ponder when my brain isn’t tired from analysing t-tests I think.

Psychology and Petville

So, yay for me.  My second assignment came back and I got a wonderful 88%.  I’m a very happy bunny. 🙂

And yes, it was the experiment where I stumbled as I predicted.  Which is a little worrying given that the next assignment is to perform an experiment and do the report.  Hmmm.  Luckily, I have lovely friends who’ve volunteered to help out.  Which did prompt the thought that a lot of psychology studies must be performed using the psychologist’s own friends, colleagues, etc.  Which may be a tad worrying given some of the common psychological theorums around.

More worrying is how addictive Petville has become for me since my sister invited me to join on Facebook.  While I refuse to ‘buy’ more virtual coins (because seriously why would I exchange my real money for virtual?), my virtual cat who is named after the real thing is very appealing.  My real cat watches with a look of utter contempt and disdain although whether it’s for me or his virtual alternate I’m not entirely sure and would not really like to speculate given that I’m pretty sure it’s for me.