Not sure what this is about or why I wrote it but it seemed to want to be written…


You can come for me in Winter

And hunt for me at night

But I’ve been lost in darkness

I’ll never see the light

I wandered from the pathway

And deep into the snow

If you search inside the mountain

You’ll find no place to go

You can call for me in Spring-time

And yell my name out loud

But there is nothing more to hear

I’m lost inside the crowd

I found an orchestra of birds

Their sound so bright and high

If you find the tallest building

You’ll never see me fly

You can feel me in the Summer

The warmth against your skin

Yet my touch never lingers

It is a tempting sin

I swam in the deepest lake

In water darkest blue

If you search within the water

All you’ll find is you

You can hear me in the Autumn

A rustle in the leaves

But I’m gone before you see

My heart only grieves

I fell badly in the forest

Screaming at the dark

If you search each lonely tree

You’ll see only bark


The Angel on My Shoulder

I don’t often write poetry but today I was inspired:

The Angel on My Shoulder

When every road I come to is a crossroads

And every step I walk, I walk in pain

I am the light that brightens up the darkness

The voice inside my head that keeps me sane.

Perhaps tomorrow there will be a mountain

Or an endless blue ocean in the way

But courage makes the hardest climb a journey

And gives me strength to swim another day.

Because I won’t win every single battle

And my many wounds may bleed and they may burn

But we learn to walk by falling to the ground

And each defeat brings something new to learn.

For there will always be another challenge,

Another reason to just accept I’m done

But I want to live and savour each moment

And spread my wings and fly into the sun.

I’m ready to say I don’t have the answers

To every question that my life may pose

But every day I work to find those answers

Is but another day my knowledge grows.

For when every road is yet another crossroads  

And every time I look, I cannot see  

I am the angel talking on my shoulder

And I will take the right path home for me.


There is only one word for today: snow.

I woke up to lots of the white stuff painting the street into a picture worthy of a Christmas card and it’s pretty much continued to drift downwards from the heavens without stopping all day.

It brings back memories of my childhood when I can remember the North East and lots of snow at my Nana’s.  Drifts of snow outside the front door; getting stuck on the way to Nana’s the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in our Ford Fiesta.  I can remember when I was eleven and we moved back to Durham, walking in the snow in shoes not made for walking in the snow because we hadn’t really anticipated snow or moving.  I remember walking to school in the snow because in those days they didn’t close at the first sign of a snowflake.

Since getting the arthritis, snow is not my friend.  It’s hellish to walk on, the boots are heavy and ultimately I end up in more pain.  I may also have a fear of falling and breaking something like my head ever since the time I slipped on ice and fell on said head smacking it off the curb and getting a large bruise for my troubles.

Still, snow is very pretty to look at.

Definitely today was a day for staying inside with hot chocolate and marshmallows.


Drifting down like a blanket

And covering the earth

You bring nothing but trouble

And glee; so much mirth.