Home Again

I made it home!

And I have broadband again!

And I have the cat sitting on my lap.  He’s been there since I walked in the door bar my having a shower (he declined that pleasure) and my unpacking. 

I’m happy to be back although sad to have left the rest of the family still enjoying the fun while I have to turn my attention the serious matter of an exam.

I don’t think I did so badly with the blog and the holiday – I’ve missed 4/5 blogs which isn’t too bad.


Five Star Luxury

The last two days have been spent in five star luxury at Le Touessrok in Mauritius as a treat.

We have family who work at the hotel and who helped organise the stay. We stuffed ourselves silly with gorgeous food, drank copious amounts of champagne and sat out on balconies overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean. It has been fabulous.

As we packed so much into our stay at the hotel, we’ve all been resting today. I have a farewell dinner tonight and tomorrow will travel back to the UK. I am sad to be leaving but on the other hand, looking forward to going home.

Can't Move

Evidently I was right: the badminton was pure insanity as today I cannot move. I am in agony from my neck to my ankles. I cannot move without hurting.

To be fair, I actually think the badminton was only part of the problem; five days of driving to places possibly hasn’t helped matters. Not to mention the small matter of my energy levels being seriously depleted.

Last night we ended up at a family party – instead of the 20 members of the family we thought we were going to meet, there ended up being over 40. It was good to see everybody and there is a sense of bemused luck that we have so much of an extended family, all of whom were friendly and welcoming. For me, I don’t do well with crowds energy wise, I had to fight off the urge to close my eyes and through sheer willpower managed to hold off until we were in the car. Still, my brain feels like cotton wool.

It would be sensible to rest all of today but tonight we have another family dinner which despite doing better on the whole saying no and cancelling when I’m not well this last year, I seem to be unable to utter the words “I’m not going.” to my father. Ah, well. I guess more painkillers are in my future tomorrow.


In a fit of insanity I decided to play badminton this morning. It was actually a very good workout given the number of times we had to reach down for the shuttlecocks as it has been a long time since either my sister or myself had played. The other good news is that I feel more virtuous about the amount of food and alcohol I’ve consumed over the last couple of days.

A Typical Day in Mauritius

The day starts earlier than you might expect given you’re on holiday – 8.30am.

I have a cup of tea (teabags brought specially from the UK), followed by a shower. A routine of sun-cream and mosquito spray follows as I get dressed and head downstairs to breakfast.

Breakfast is a banana homegrown from trees in the garden with some fresh bread baked that morning fresh from the boulangerie, accompanied by a glass of mango juice and (for me) another cup of tea.

Late morning we set out for the beach, secure sun loungers and I start revising with the Mauritian sun shining down on me and the sea lapping at my feet.

Lunch is at the beach cafe, followed by a snooze on the sun lounger and more revising.

We finish the day with cocktails in Grand Baie watching the sunset over the horizon and the harbour.

Dinner is something simple (chicken and salad tonight) and a very nice wine.

It’s a hard life. 😀

Exhausted in Mauritius

Not quite Sleepless in Seattle but definitely Exhausted in Mauritius.

I have run out of energy after five days of non-stop travelling around, lounging around on the beach and reading. It sounds terrible doesn’t it? The problem is that it all does take energy, including interacting with my family who I’m not used to having around 24/7. They are great but talking and laughing takes energy.

So today I’m staying at home and doing very little (or attempting to do very little) beyond some studying and checking my email. Fingers crossed I get some energy back to continue the lounging around on a beach, etc…

Another Day at Another Beach

Today hasn’t been all that different to yesterday except that it is my Uncle’s birthday.

I also did change my reading material on the beach today and instead of the latest thriller took Exploring Psychology – Preparing for your Exam.

It was interesting to read their proposed strategy to revision and certainly the information on the essay questions seems good advice. The beach was surprisingly exhausting – I think it was the heat though rather than the study.

We’ve just enjoyed some champagne and birthday cake, and off to celebrate with a meal out.

Possibly no blog tomorrow as we’re going to the South and eating dinner with relatives so it will be a full day and probably a late return.