Postcard from Mauritius

So, I’m here in Mauritius, having made it despite far too much left outstanding before I left.  Luckily I did get the essay written which was the main thing and I’ve had the mark back (online assessment is a wonderful thing) and it was best yet.

The holiday is going remarkably well; I’ve had 5 mosquito bites to date but I’ve killed 3 mosquitoes so I’m thinking it balances out.  The weather is warm but not too hot which is great.  We spent a couple of days in a 4 star hotel on the North bay.  It was a fantastic couple of days just relaxing and unwinding (a proper holiday).  We’re now back at Dad’s and gearing up for the wedding on Sunday.  I have my saree which is a lovely plum and gold number which I even remember vaguely how to wear!  The rest of the UK relatives are beginning to arrive too so I would guess the next few days are going to be frantic.  Wish me luck!