Give me an 'R'…

It’s one of those strange things but sometimes I find it’s all too easy to dismiss an achievement as an achievement. I’m a natural pessimist so I do sometimes just jump to the ‘what’s gone wrong’ mode rather than ‘what’s gone right’.

This blog is really helping me focus on the positive because (a) I have to find something to talk about every day and (b) it’s actually a running record of how I’m doing.

The other thing that has really helped me is coaching – both being coached and coaching others.

As a coach, one of the roles I perform is being the personal cheerleader for clients – helping them to recognise their achievements and celebrate them, bolstering their confidence when things aren’t progressing the way they would like them to be. In doing so, I’ve gained the ability to recognise an achievement for an achievement and not just something that anyone can do. Because maybe anyone can do it but the important thing for the client is that they have achieved it.

Being coached has also helped me focus on my own achievements and to see them as achievements. It’s made me realise that I can accomplish a great deal. And in realising I can accomplish perhaps what I’ve in the past deemed small stuff, it’s also made me realise that I can accomplish the big stuff.

OK, so maybe the secret fantasy of wanting to be a fighter jet pilot is never going to come true (I blame Airwolf) but I can arrange an ‘experience day’ and get a ride in a fighter jet (because the reality is that I would hate being in the military – far too much physical exercise – so I only really want the experience), or I can save, and take lessons to fly helicopters if I really want to. And maybe the dream of going into space is “out there” but again, it’s not impossible. I could climb Mount Everest if I really wanted to do it (not that I do, I hasten to add, nor am I ever likely to want to climb any mountain).

Nothing is truly impossible; it’s only impossible because we tell ourselves it is.

More importantly, I’m also not beating myself up about stuff. While yesterday’s blog may seem like evidence to the contrary, actually the blog helped me to put what was after all a minor error into perspective – something else that coaching is very good at doing.

For me, the lesson is really that I need to be my own personal cheerleader, and that it is an absolutely an essential part of being a good coach.


Missing Time

Today I was looking at the schedule that I’d created (pinned above the desk and resplendent with all of its colour coding) and I suddenly realised that I’d missed a whole hour out of the day – 4-5pm to be exact.

I’m not entirely sure why my brain decided this particular hour wasn’t important but it wasn’t there.


But very usual since I developed chronic fatigue. Attention to detail (or knowledge of the twenty-four hour clock) is no longer a personal quality I own apparently so just as well I’m not working in air traffic control (or anything requiring knowledge that there are twenty-four hours in the day).

At least it gives me another hour to work with as I had thought absently when I did the schedule that there just weren’t enough hours in the day. In this case, it was literally true.

On a more positive (and less weird) note, I now have all the data for the next psychology assignment – so report writing here I come…

Trying Something New

So, I’m attempting to post this via email. This could go horribly wrong…but let’s see if it works!

Today has been a writing day. Thankfully because while I’ve been trying to write something every day sometimes it’s been two words. Luckily today has gone lots better.

The writing is probably the one resolution I’m not doing so great on at the moment in general. The others are going better. I’ve managed to write something in my blog every day for three weeks! I’m getting myself fitter (still doing the daily Wii Fit and now up to 45 mins). I’ve made progress on the business plan and market research. I’ve focused on my study although admittedly could be doing slightly more here too.

And I’m having fun.

All in all not a bad start to the year. ūüôā

OK, so about to try the posting thing! Fingers crossed!


Well, today has been Get Rachel Rested Day instead of Get Rachel Organised. Very tired today. Totally wiped out.

I managed to do what I needed to do (online shopping, sort out stuff for tomorrow for the experiments, and obviously this blog!) but other than that I’ve been reading a Christmas present: Terry Pratchett’s Nation.

It’s a good book and I liked the story of Mau and Daphne very much. I won’t spoil it too much for those who may not have read it and want to read it but my thoughts succinctly are: there was a nice weave of fantasy and history in the book. Mau is very well crafted as a character and he just leaps off the page. Daphne, by comparison, I found a little cliché but she becomes a more interesting character as the story progresses. It’s very clever with a very real ending but there’s a nice twist right at the finish which provides a real feel-good factor. I recommend it.

Wii Fitness

Well, the one thing I’ve managed to do today is start the Wii Fit again, although admittedly it took me longer to work out that the remote batteries had gone dead than actually the time I spent exercising.

To be fair, I’ve been very tired today after yesterday’s exertions so although Wii was the priority, the ten minutes I set out to do was probably enough of¬† a goal for today given I cleared the previous data and reset it.¬†

Of course, resetting the data meant that I had to go back through the Fitness check (and why does it insist that you do that every day?  Surely the important thing is that you do the training exercises every day rather than the centre of gravity/weight/fitness age nonsense). 

Centre of gravity wise, I thought I was standing perfectly upright but apparently was lurching off to my left.¬† Bizarre really because it’s my left knee that was in agony yesterday evening.

BMI-wise, I managed to squeeze in under the overweight and into the ideal; I definitely had put on the weight that I had thought I had put on given the tightness of some of my jeans lately.  No real surprises but no good news.

The balancing exercise ahead of the Wii Fit Age, however, proved to be my best outing ever on them.   Which accounts for the rather surprising result of getting a Wii Fit age of 32 years.   Which just for the record is younger than I am.

I was bemused.

I did some balance exercises to warm up and moved onto the yoga; deep breathing, accompanied by Half Moon and The Warrior poses.  

Which was enough.¬† But it’s a start that’s the main thing.¬† If I continue to do some every day as I managed through April/May last year, I know I’ll shift the weight gain, and feel stronger in my muscle tone, posture¬†and stamina.¬†

And will look good in a bikini in May.  Nothing like imminent beach-wear to motivate this woman into exercising.


Pain…so much pain… ūüė¶

Ah well.¬† I guess it’s the physical cost of having a very successful day even if I do say so myself.¬† And I was sensible and got taxi’s rather than putting myself through the obstacle course of driving out of the estate myself.

One Aimhigher session completed: Check

Remembered to pick up Aimhigher packs: Check

Essay completed: Check

Online review posted: Check

Coaching session completed: Check

Blog updated: Doing it now!

Start my Wii Fit: Oops


Still tired today but less crushingly tired than yesterday so that’s good.¬†

I can actually string a thought together cohesively today.

Which brings me onto priorities. 

As someone with chronic fatigue, prioritisation is pretty much a way of life for me.  I have a finite amount of energy so determining what I spend it on in a day is important.  Everything becomes subject to the question Рdo I really need to do that?

Yesterday, I looked at my energy levels and realised that today’s scheduled events – an interview and a coaching session (me being coached)¬†– were not going to happen.¬† I was even debating tomorrow’s scheduled events of a coaching session (me coaching) and a tutorial.¬† Yesterday evening I gave into the inevitable and postponed the coaching session today.¬† Luckily both interview and tutorial have become victims of the snow (both interviewer and tutor respectively snowed into their homes).¬† So my schedule is clearer and I have more space to rest.

This period of bone-crushing tiredness is down to my overdoing it at New Year simply by cooking and spending time with family.¬† Being with people makes me tired even when we’re¬†not doing¬†anything¬†but watching Doctor Who¬†– something that’s very difficult to explain to someone without chronic fatigue.¬†¬†¬†

Still, hopefully the rest over the next couple of days will see me get my incredibly awful energy levels back to merely the usual awful level.