Celebrating January 6th

write what I want

Got the last of the fanfic story I was writing posted so that was a good achievement.

It was otherwise a slow day due to lack of sleep.


Celebrating January 5th

cherish family

We all headed to my sister’s for a pub lunch at her local.  It was very nice.  Lovely meal.  I might have eaten too much.

Later we reconvened at my sister’s where she helped complete the ipad set-up for my Dad that I had started the day before.  We stayed for the first half of the match because the ipad was synching photos on my Dad’s laptop.

It was by this time that I was silently chanting to myself ‘I cherish the time with my family’.  Because…OK, I cherish the time with my family but I hate watching football on TV (I much prefer live football at a football ground although I would rarely choose to go because of the cold and the travel and the crowds and noise).  So there I was reading a book on the kindle app my sister had downloaded onto my Dad’s ipad and chanting in my head.

But it was good to spend time with my family.  For my sister and I to share a bottle of nice wine…my Uncle and my sister’s partner to talk about the different ales they were trying…to get my Dad’s ipad sorted before he goes to Mauritius.  And that was time worth cherishing.

Celebrating January 2nd

It probably figures that less than a few hours after I start this, the laptop dies on me!  However, one brand new laptop later…

writing what I want

Yesterday, most of what I accomplished was updating this blog and reading (which is fun and relaxing) before laptop disasters ensued.  Between that and livejournal playing up clearly yesterday was not going to be my day!  Still, this accomplishment, however small it may look, is something to be cherished.

Celebrating January 1st

“Celebrate What You Achieve” is my mantra for 2013 and in that spirit I’m hoping to post daily one achievement from the day before.  When I don’t have access to email/internet, then I will write in a journal and post catch-ups when I get back.

So, celebrating January 1st:

cherish family 

Yesterday was spent with my close family following a traditional New Year’s Eve with a Scrabble tournament with my uncle and father.  We had a lovely meal together and watched Avengers Assemble.

write what I want to write

I posted up another chapter in a fanfic that I’m writing.  It’s an experiment really, posting a chapter a day that I’m writing on the fly so to speak. The end result is something not quite perfect or as smooth as I would like it to be but I have written something back in a fandom that I was struggling to write for last year.  Maybe there was a sense that it was becoming a chore rather than fun? This is helping, I think.