Take that

Honestly, I’m not sure that there is anything more disturbing that going downstairs to say goodnight and finding your 68 year old father and 74 year old uncle engrossed in a Take That concert…

On that note, my past week has been good and bad in equal measure.  Good in the sense that I am turning the corner on my fatigue issues; bad in the sense that the fibromyalgia has triggered again with the weather turning.

I did have a lovely lunch with my old CFS support group.  It was great to get caught up.  I’m also looking forward to this week which of course ends with Christmas Day.  It’ll be nice to spend the time with family.


Back to Business

Ah, holiday how I remember thee well!  Yes, I have returned from Mauritius, land of sea, sun and rum, and now am back at the grindstone.

Health: The trip always throws my routines out and despite resting quite a bit during the holiday itself, the travel just eliminates any benefit.  So, status check: very tired and very achy – especially as I went over on my weak right ankle three days before the end of the holiday and while it’s only bruised from the minor sprain, it is still quite sore.

Family & Friends: I’ve seen LOTS of family over the last two and a half weeks.  My sister, her partner, my uncle, my father and myself all managed not to have any major blow-ups/fights during our living together which is a small miracle.  I think there was tongue biting and small irritations with each other all round but nothing escalated.  Maybe we’re getting wiser in our old age (maybe not).  Otherwise family weddings and events all generated much to discuss and gossip about.  We had the best night ever on our final night; a party at my Dad’s house, lots of guests, lots of food and booze, a good time had by all.

Psychology: Got a great result for my last essay and have begun work on the final essay due next week.  It’s the priority this week as I want it out of the way.  Revision will then follow for the exam in October.

Coaching business: Just caught up on my emails so far.  The priority this week is to get the refreshed website live so I can announce with a new-look newsletter next week.  I also need to get on top of the finance admin.

Writing: I didn’t get time to write much on holiday!  I have created a character bible for the original novel which is a good thing but not much actual writing itself.  I’m thinking about doing National Novel Writing Month in November to focus on it since I won’t have the psychology to worry about then.  I have done some writing for GeekSpeak – reviews for Torchwood which will continue alongside the Doctor Who reviews I do.

Most fun thing of the week: The family farewell party!  And seeing the cat when I got home – I missed her!