Thursdays are Rest Days

Well, actually on the schedule they’re ‘Study’ days but today was definitely a rest day.

I woke up with a low grade migraine (one with only the excruciating headache rather than one with the blinding headache and nausea), so all day I haven’t done very much except rest to get rid of the migraine.

Luckily, it went away in time for me to toddle out to the first Aimhigher Review (although I only managed an hour before I had to come home to…yes, rest some more).   Having, in some respects foolishly, decided to go as I was feeling a little better, I went out to the car and realised it was dark.  I hate driving in the dark but as I’d left it so long before deciding yes I was going, it was too late to call a taxi – plus there was the fact that I was only going to stay as long as I felt OK (which could have been five minutes or the whole two hours). 

I drove along only to end up in a whole queue of traffic (unsurprising as it was rush hour) and sat patiently inching forward to my destination, and wondering why some drivers are complete idiots (namely those ducking and diving from one lane to another in a haphazard attempt to get to their destination presumably two seconds faster than anyone else).  It reminded me even more that I hate driving period.  Five minutes into the queue I was immensely grateful for the automatic car as it does all the work really.  Driving home was pretty much a similar experience.

I now have a headache from the beaming headlights.

The lesson: I should have just stayed at home and rested some more.