When Is An Achievement Not An Achievement

So, I haven’t touched the blog for almost a month!  I hadn’t realised it was quite that long since my last entry.  Mostly my absence is due to ongoing health issues and trying to focus on my novel writing.

Health wise, things are beginning to look up.  It’s always difficult once you’re in a cycle of injury-fibromyalgia trigger-fatigue trigger and so on, to find a way out but I have started to slowly climb out of the abyss so to speak.

Writing has been sporadic and I’ve been kind to myself and allowed myself to simply write what I’ve wanted to on any given day even if that wasn’t the novel.  Mainly because forcing myself to write the novel when I have a quite natural block takes energy that I don’t have at present.

I did pass my last psychology module with a 2:1 result which is great.  Convincing myself it’s great is taking some time though since I’ve passed the others with distinction.  I’ve had more distractions (other responsibilities) than the psychology this year with trying to get the business more promoted so the result is the one I planned for and is an achievement even if it feels like a let down after the other results.  (It is an achievement, I say again to myself).

And if nothing else, finally doing another blog is an achievement. 🙂


Rambling is rambling

So, just a quick post to say that yes I have forgotten to do the blog until now and I’m kind of immersed in revising – and sleeping.

Sleeping because apparently my body has caught onto the almost two weeks of non-sleep (sleep disturbed, sleep insomnia) it suffered and is trying to make up the difference.  Only not really.  Because mostly I end up with very freaky dreams which may or may not be psychic – some of them have the same feel as the dream I had of my pregnant friend having a difficult pregnancy before she had actually told me she was pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy.  Still, I’m pretty much ignoring that because…

Revision!  For the exam!  Eek!

Well, that and The X Factor which has now hit the critical stage where it gets interesting.  So who else is assuming girl group Rhythmix is going out first because hello, girl group always goes out quickly!  I have to say though I loved the Robbie and Gary show; loved Robbie doing his impression of Sinitta…very, very funny.

Oops I did it again

Yes, almost forgot although I did remember yesterday briefly only to forget again and then today hasn’t been a stellar day memory wise since my sister had to prompt me that it was her birthday.

Health: See memory issues above.  Not all of it is my fault I swear.

Family & Friends: Still getting things organised and responding slowly but surely to people.

Psychology: I’ve done nothing but book onto the next (and final) module.

Coaching business: Starting to get back into the swing of it but slowly.

Writing: Actually doing mroe of this but I probably should do less given I need to focus on the business and psychology over the next couple of weeks.

Most fun thing of the week: Resting.  No really it was the most fun part of the week!

One Itty-Bitty Step at a Time

Health OK, well I’m starting to make a recovery but as usual it’s slow and frustrating.  I could moan for hours about the reasons why which includes a surprise train journey to Durham and back to take my uncle home but I’ll refrain.

Family & Friends: My uncle is back in Durham.  I’ve sent emails to some friends; need to email others.  I’ve had to put off another friend until next month as my health isn’t up to it.  This is the sum of my reconnection.

Psychology: Well, the mark for the final essay wasn’t bad per se but it was a step back from the previous essay mark so not particularly happy or satisfied.  However, I need to focus on the exam and that’s where I’m focusing.

Coaching business: Still pretty much on hold.

Writing: The non-fiction writing I do for the magazine is done and I’ve actually done some writing on the original essay which is a bit of a miracle.

Most fun thing of the week: I did get my hair cut which made me feel better.

Ups and Downs

I know I missed a week!

Health: Yep, this would be the reason why I missed a week of posting.  Just…everything has gone pearshaped.  Mostly it’s to do with wrenching my ankle on holiday which has caused a flare-up of the fibromyalgia and my stress levels at not getting my own space back to recover in.  It’s tied up with the fact that I know I have someone else to look after in the house; that I have to pretend that I’m OK to do that, even if I’ve been honest otherwise and said I’m fatigued, or dizzy (major dizzy spell yesterday), or haven’t really slept for four days.  It’s a general nagging need for two days on my own where I don’t have to pretend I’m fine; that I can give into the fatigue and the pain and know nobody will see (and therefore worry) so its OK to give in and eat badly and not feel guilt for still being in pyjamas and not going anywhere at all even to the pub for a sunday lunch.

Family & Friends: See above on family.  I do need to reconnect with my friends.  I put off one visit because (a) my uncle is still here and (b) my health is pearshaped.

Psychology: Managed to get the last essay in which was a small miracle.  I have a feeling that it won’t get a very good mark.  I’m leaving revision for closer to the exam date because my fatigue is bad enough that my memory won’t work that well on retaining stuff medium-term.

Coaching business: On hold pretty much while I sort myself out although the new website is up.

Writing: Hasn’t really happened.  I’ve been trying to get my energy levels back by reading but I need to do the reviews, start doing the writing for the business ebooks and focus on my fiction projects.

Most fun thing of the week: The cat who continues to be an endless source of entertainment.

Memory Issues

Yes, I almost forget to post for last week but better late than never, right?

Health: Hmmm.  Definitely has suffered with the mental stress of getting the psychology project done and the physical stress of doing the showcase event.   Resting up at the weekend was only partially successful so I am trying to take things easy this week.

Family & Friends: My sister-in-law was a complete sweetie and helped me out with the showcase – getting me there and helping me set up.

Psychology: So I know from my tutor that my assignment reached him, he’s marked it and sent it back to the OU already.  Now I’m just waiting for the mark to be posted.  He’s very good; he gave nothing away in his email except confirmation that it was marked and posted it back.  Really I should be getting on with the next essay.

Coaching business: So, the business showcase was good for making contacts and networking; not so good for actually getting business immediately.  C’est la vie.  It was a good experience though and I’m very proud of myself; I think I did a good job.

Writing: The problem is that when I’m tired, reading gives me much more energy than writing as much as I love writing.  So I’ve done bits but nothing very much.  I’m really hoping to get some serious writing done over this next weekend on the assumption my energy levels have recovered.

Most fun thing of the week: I have to say the sense of satisfaction from last week is high.  Yes, it was tough; physically and mentally stressful but it did give me a sense of accomplishment even if I’m paying for it energy-wise.

Random thought of the week: No, itunes, I do not want to “ping” my embarrassing music purchases to my friends.

Easter Madness

I say I’m busy every week but I really am!

Health: The good news is that I am getting a much better handle on what my body can cope with, what it can’t and how to manage the whole enchillada. The bad news is that I’m pushing myself.  Some of that is intentional; some of it is not.  And it’s incredibly difficult explaining to people still.  My Dad and sister, for example, need music when they’re driving: I mostly prefer silence these days because of noise sensitivity issues.  We had a six hour journey to Durham and back on Saturday so I endured six hours of music.  And then pushed my body by watching Doctor Who.  I had to spend all of Sunday in silence to counter the incipient migraine.   

Family & Friends: Lots of friends and family this week.  Caught up with my best friend via a long phone call.  Made contact with a friend who’d just suffered a bereavement.  Most importantly, we (meaning Dad, sis and I) took the cat’s ashes up to my mother’s grave and scattered them along with my Uncle.

Psychology: Shoved to the back burner last week but I’m bringing forward this as I have a lot of reading to do for the project! 

Coaching business: Excitingly I’ve had more queries come in from the website which is great!  More networking on Wednesday with a counselor but I really enjoyed that.  Still, lots to do in terms of getting course material sorted.  I also went on a first aid course on Thursday which was enlightening.  CPR is very hard work!

Writing: Still writing although plans to do more SGU reviews fell by the wayside for a variety of reasons including my need for silence yesterday. 

Most fun thing of the week: Actually the most enjoyable thing has been the writing this week.

Random thought of the week: The vacuum cleaner works much better now Dad has connected all the bits together correctly…