Moving In Day…

Well, I worked out that the way for me to rename the original blog was to move all the content to a new blog: this one.

As from tomorrow, I will be posting here exclusively.  I’ll probably keep the original blog over the weekend and delete it at some point next week when the business blog will hopefully go live.

In some ways I’m quite sad to have to physically “move” but c’est la vie.  And while the look has changed somewhat I think I’m happy with it. 🙂



Well, for the first time I forgot to post my blog last night. 😦

It was a very busy and productive day – I had studied hard and accomplished a complete draft of the assignment that’s due on Friday; done a good hour of exercise; watched, written and sent my Stargate Universe review to my editor…and then, because I could feel that my brain had reached the end of the rope for the day (that slightly achy not quite a headache but warning sign that one was imminent) I completely forgot about the blog, turned off the computer and went to bed.


Still, I think 108 posts without forgetting is still an achievement, and it’s certainly the best run I’ve had at keeping a daily journal of some kind for quite some time.  I shall now have to see if I can beat that!  Of course Mauritius is going to be interesting because I have no idea how much access I’ll have to the internet.  I may have to write the blogs and then just post them up when I can.


Anyways, this is the blog for yesterday – will post later tonight for today.

Life Lessons

Coaching encourages you to learn from your life experiences – so what did I learn from yesterday?

#1.  Do not assume that nobody reads your blog.

#2.  Do not ramble when commenting about what someone else has said; take an essay approach, argue constructively, be clear and succinct to avoid misinterpretation.

#3.  Do not be surprised when said someone else turns up on your blog and comments about what you said they said.

#4.  Do not assume that nobody reads your blog. 

Other lessons from life yesterday included:

#5.  I love my dishwasher.  It saves me huge amounts of personal energy even if it is destroying the planet.  I don’t know why it stopped working over Christmas or why it’s started working again but I love it.

#6.  Fitting 30 minutes of wii fit into my life is so much easier than an hour.

#7.  Cats will be cats.  This includes wanting to play when you want to rest; bugging you for the fish all the time its cooking only to turn their nose up at the finished article.

And, finally,

#8.  Do not assume that nobody reads your blog.

On a more serious note, I think the main life lesson having read the reported witness accounts from the train crash in Belgium yesterday, is that my blog and who reads it in the scheme of things is pretty inconsequential.