Being Geeky

It occurred to me today in the midst of updating a livejournal community with various character profiles, that there is a line between non-geek and geek, and I fear I crossed it a long time ago.

At school, I was definitely a nerd.  I was smart and serious, did my homework, got good grades and most importantly, I loved school.  But there is definitely a difference between being a nerd and being a geek.

Possibly my slide into geekdom started with Airwolf.  I loved Airwolf.  Adored Airwolf.  Tried to think up ways to get out of Saturday shopping so I could watch it in peace.  But I was young and it was aired too sporadically for me to know it off by heart.

Then came, Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I loved, loved that show. The adventures of Jean-Luc Picard and gang caught my attention; never really got into Deep Space 9 with the same fervour (although I do now have a much greater appreciation for it than I did at the time); loved Voyager; lost interest by Enterprise despite Scott Bakula taking lead (I have promised myself a rewatch one of these days along with an Original Series rewatch).

However, despite my love for TNG, I always maintained that I was a Trekker, not a Trekkie.  Yes, I read the books, probably knew far too much about the show for my own good but I’d never learned the planets off by heart and really had no interest in knowing everything about how the Enterprise might work.  Possibly I was hovering on the line of geekdom but wasn’t quite a geek.

Then came Stargate.  I love Stargate.  Everything about Stargate.   I watched avidly; read the magazines.  But until I hit the online fandom I don’t think I crossed the line.  However, I think the first time I posted fanfiction, that was probably the step across the line; the first time I posted in a forum about different types of time travel in different episodes that was probably when I acquired my Geek badge and lifelong club membership.  Definitely helping to run a ficathon, updating a community with character trivia and spending hours debating the finer points of whether the characters really died in Moebius or not qualifies me.  The thing is I love Stargate so much I don’t really mind being called a Geek. 

I wear my Geek badge with pride. 🙂