Celebrating January 1st

“Celebrate What You Achieve” is my mantra for 2013 and in that spirit I’m hoping to post daily one achievement from the day before.  When I don’t have access to email/internet, then I will write in a journal and post catch-ups when I get back.

So, celebrating January 1st:

cherish family 

Yesterday was spent with my close family following a traditional New Year’s Eve with a Scrabble tournament with my uncle and father.  We had a lovely meal together and watched Avengers Assemble.

write what I want to write

I posted up another chapter in a fanfic that I’m writing.  It’s an experiment really, posting a chapter a day that I’m writing on the fly so to speak. The end result is something not quite perfect or as smooth as I would like it to be but I have written something back in a fandom that I was struggling to write for last year.  Maybe there was a sense that it was becoming a chore rather than fun? This is helping, I think.