Review and Plan Forward

Well, December disappeared thanks to a fibromyalgia flare-up (couldn’t actually walk by the end of yesterday it was that bad but luckily heat treatment seems to have fixed the worst of it today).


1. Get healthy (pretty much the priority if I’m going to achieve the rest) – RED

The bane of my life.  It feels like I take one step forward and two steps back all of the time with this goal.

2. Spend time with friends and family – GREEN

Very green for another year running.  I’m really pleased with this one although I haven’t been able to see as many people this year, I am still in contact with many which is great.  After all, I have a very rich life filled with people who love and care about me – so who could want anything else?

3. Focus on the coaching business every work day – AMBER

This was GREEN and moved to AMBER at the end of the year when I decided to shift focus. Still looking back I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish and it was invaluable learning.

4. Focus on my Psychology study – GREEN

2:1 grade for my last module which is the plan.  I think I lost the plot half-way through the year and only regained it towards the exam period.  This year is the module which is more geared towards a scientific approach so I will have to focus.

5. Write something every day – AMBER

Ups and downs given my health.  I haven’t done exactly what I wanted to do here.  However, I have achieved a lot here regardless so I can’t be too disappointed with the final outcome.

6. Have fun – AMBER

I need to do more of this!  Maybe I need to move this up the priority list!


Most of my goals are remaining the same but there are some changes!  I have had a rethink with the focus of the business/employment so some of the goal change reflects that.  Additionally, I’ve moved having fun up the list and changed the wording on the get healthy!

1. Have fun

2. Manage my health to maximise my enjoyment of life

3. Spend time with friends and family

4. Focus on my Psychology study

5. Earn money to provide security for long term career goal

6. Write something every day