Review and Plan Forward

Well, December disappeared thanks to a fibromyalgia flare-up (couldn’t actually walk by the end of yesterday it was that bad but luckily heat treatment seems to have fixed the worst of it today).


1. Get healthy (pretty much the priority if I’m going to achieve the rest) – RED

The bane of my life.  It feels like I take one step forward and two steps back all of the time with this goal.

2. Spend time with friends and family – GREEN

Very green for another year running.  I’m really pleased with this one although I haven’t been able to see as many people this year, I am still in contact with many which is great.  After all, I have a very rich life filled with people who love and care about me – so who could want anything else?

3. Focus on the coaching business every work day – AMBER

This was GREEN and moved to AMBER at the end of the year when I decided to shift focus. Still looking back I’m pleased with what I managed to accomplish and it was invaluable learning.

4. Focus on my Psychology study – GREEN

2:1 grade for my last module which is the plan.  I think I lost the plot half-way through the year and only regained it towards the exam period.  This year is the module which is more geared towards a scientific approach so I will have to focus.

5. Write something every day – AMBER

Ups and downs given my health.  I haven’t done exactly what I wanted to do here.  However, I have achieved a lot here regardless so I can’t be too disappointed with the final outcome.

6. Have fun – AMBER

I need to do more of this!  Maybe I need to move this up the priority list!


Most of my goals are remaining the same but there are some changes!  I have had a rethink with the focus of the business/employment so some of the goal change reflects that.  Additionally, I’ve moved having fun up the list and changed the wording on the get healthy!

1. Have fun

2. Manage my health to maximise my enjoyment of life

3. Spend time with friends and family

4. Focus on my Psychology study

5. Earn money to provide security for long term career goal

6. Write something every day


One Itty-Bitty Step at a Time

Health OK, well I’m starting to make a recovery but as usual it’s slow and frustrating.  I could moan for hours about the reasons why which includes a surprise train journey to Durham and back to take my uncle home but I’ll refrain.

Family & Friends: My uncle is back in Durham.  I’ve sent emails to some friends; need to email others.  I’ve had to put off another friend until next month as my health isn’t up to it.  This is the sum of my reconnection.

Psychology: Well, the mark for the final essay wasn’t bad per se but it was a step back from the previous essay mark so not particularly happy or satisfied.  However, I need to focus on the exam and that’s where I’m focusing.

Coaching business: Still pretty much on hold.

Writing: The non-fiction writing I do for the magazine is done and I’ve actually done some writing on the original essay which is a bit of a miracle.

Most fun thing of the week: I did get my hair cut which made me feel better.

Back to Business

Ah, holiday how I remember thee well!  Yes, I have returned from Mauritius, land of sea, sun and rum, and now am back at the grindstone.

Health: The trip always throws my routines out and despite resting quite a bit during the holiday itself, the travel just eliminates any benefit.  So, status check: very tired and very achy – especially as I went over on my weak right ankle three days before the end of the holiday and while it’s only bruised from the minor sprain, it is still quite sore.

Family & Friends: I’ve seen LOTS of family over the last two and a half weeks.  My sister, her partner, my uncle, my father and myself all managed not to have any major blow-ups/fights during our living together which is a small miracle.  I think there was tongue biting and small irritations with each other all round but nothing escalated.  Maybe we’re getting wiser in our old age (maybe not).  Otherwise family weddings and events all generated much to discuss and gossip about.  We had the best night ever on our final night; a party at my Dad’s house, lots of guests, lots of food and booze, a good time had by all.

Psychology: Got a great result for my last essay and have begun work on the final essay due next week.  It’s the priority this week as I want it out of the way.  Revision will then follow for the exam in October.

Coaching business: Just caught up on my emails so far.  The priority this week is to get the refreshed website live so I can announce with a new-look newsletter next week.  I also need to get on top of the finance admin.

Writing: I didn’t get time to write much on holiday!  I have created a character bible for the original novel which is a good thing but not much actual writing itself.  I’m thinking about doing National Novel Writing Month in November to focus on it since I won’t have the psychology to worry about then.  I have done some writing for GeekSpeak – reviews for Torchwood which will continue alongside the Doctor Who reviews I do.

Most fun thing of the week: The family farewell party!  And seeing the cat when I got home – I missed her!

Not Forgotten

So I didn’t exactly forget last week as made an executive decision not to post when I got to Weds.

OK, yes; I did forget 🙂

Health: I had another busy week so any gains were offset by busy-ness.  That said, I have a couple of weeks now of being relatively un-busy so that should help rejig the balance.

Family & Friends: Had one quiet week and then this week, I’ve emailed a couple of friends and had my best friend over for the weekend so it’s been good.

Psychology: The psychology project came back with a good enough mark although not the mark I wanted.  Still, a good mark is a good mark.  I’ve got the reading to do for the essay this week and planning the essay.

Coaching business: The source of much of my busy-ness!  I’ve been following up the contacts I made at the showcase.  It’s hard work but hopefully there’ll be things that come from it in time.

Writing: This has been the major casualty in my energy levels – all writing across the board.  I have a few articles I must get done this week and I want one of the fanfic stories I’ve been writing posted by the end of the week.

Most fun thing of the week: Watching Iron Man 2 with my best friend and us both rolling our eyes at making a brand new element in only a day!  Let’s go knock up a particle accelerator in the shed!

Random thought of the week: So, I’d lost interest in the Harry Potter movies around the time of the Prisoner of Azkaban, mainly because I’d already read the books and frankly I stopped going to the cinema because of the noise sensitivity issues.  There’s a lot of hype though about the latest movie and I’m thinking of checking with my sister on how many of the movies she has to see if we can take them all with us to Mauritius to do a rewatch 1-7 and then a trip to the cinema to see 7.5.  It would give us a plan for the evenings in Mauritius and cut down on the what are we watching arguments…

Memory Issues

Yes, I almost forget to post for last week but better late than never, right?

Health: Hmmm.  Definitely has suffered with the mental stress of getting the psychology project done and the physical stress of doing the showcase event.   Resting up at the weekend was only partially successful so I am trying to take things easy this week.

Family & Friends: My sister-in-law was a complete sweetie and helped me out with the showcase – getting me there and helping me set up.

Psychology: So I know from my tutor that my assignment reached him, he’s marked it and sent it back to the OU already.  Now I’m just waiting for the mark to be posted.  He’s very good; he gave nothing away in his email except confirmation that it was marked and posted it back.  Really I should be getting on with the next essay.

Coaching business: So, the business showcase was good for making contacts and networking; not so good for actually getting business immediately.  C’est la vie.  It was a good experience though and I’m very proud of myself; I think I did a good job.

Writing: The problem is that when I’m tired, reading gives me much more energy than writing as much as I love writing.  So I’ve done bits but nothing very much.  I’m really hoping to get some serious writing done over this next weekend on the assumption my energy levels have recovered.

Most fun thing of the week: I have to say the sense of satisfaction from last week is high.  Yes, it was tough; physically and mentally stressful but it did give me a sense of accomplishment even if I’m paying for it energy-wise.

Random thought of the week: No, itunes, I do not want to “ping” my embarrassing music purchases to my friends.

Time Flies

Health: Yeah, up and down a little.  Not surprisingly really as I’ve been very busy between getting ready for my first business showcase and finalising the psychology project.

Family & Friends: My sister and her partner popped round at the weekend so it was nice to catch up with them.  They loved the cat who is now being very sociable when people come round.

Psychology: I have a completed draft but it needs a lot of polishing over the next couple of days before I send it off.  Really this took over my life last week getting everything done but it was worth it (I hope!).

Coaching business: Networking is on the cards this week as I have the business showcase event on 30th.  My main worry is not having enough of everything but as I told myself earlier today, if I actually give away a hundred leaflets that will be a good thing.

Writing: Yep, writing hasn’t been on the cards so much with all my time and attention sucked into the psychology project.  I’ve been reading rather than anything else.

Most fun thing of the week: The kitten is really the highlight of any week.  This last week she’s discovered the outdoors (I’ve been taking her out just keeping hold of her to get her used to the garden) and now every time I go downstairs she wants out again.

Random thought of the week: I couldn’t believe it’s been 2 years since Michael Jackson died.

Busy Week

Health: So used up most of my energy over the last two weeks as I’ve been out practically every day and very busy.  I did take today off and will take it easy over the next couple of weeks.

Family & Friends: Caught up with an old friend over the weekend which was great even though the restaurant we went to tried to poison her by serving her a tea she was allergic to.

Psychology: Interviews are done and we’re now into the meat of the project.  This coming week will be spent focusing on getting the draft completed so I can finish and send it off next week.

Coaching business: Definitely coming along in that there are irons in the fire.  The next big thing is the showcase event on 30th.

Writing: That has decreased with everything else so spent some time today pottering with it.

Most fun thing of the week: The kitten continues to be a source of much amusement and joy.  She’s started doing her own thing some of the time (sunning herself in the conservatory) but that’s a good thing and it shows she’s settled.