July Update

Almost at the end of July so a quick update…

Manage my health better; good diet, regular exercise, good sleep routine, balanced work/life, positive thinking and good mind/spirit/body maintenance. 

Good diet: Good intentions to start again and I have been keeping much better track.  I still could improve on the planning front but to be frank with my Dad home and cooking there isn’t any point getting too hung up about the diet as Dad cooks.  He’s mostly been great – has really tried to comply with the points – reducing potatoes in curry, going for the brown rice, etc. but there are days when he just does something and he clearly hasn’t thought about the impact to my diet.  Still, since he’s cooking, I can’t complain too much.  My plan is to continue as-is while Dad is here and then do a full reboot on the diet again when he’s gone in a similar way to the way that I did it in Jan.

Regular exercise: Yes, this has gone nowhere due to my condition being a little bit hit and miss, and just incredibly busy at work.  I was managing to walk up Oxford Rd two times a week but with graduation taxis near to work have been plentiful so…ok I need to try harder!

Good sleep routine: I’m still struggling – some weeks have been better than others but I’m trying.

Balanced Work/Life: Hmmm, having just spent a whole day yesterday working I’m not sure I’ve kept completely with the spirit of this but this past week has just been ludicrous from a work perspective – and that happens; some weeks are better than others.  This week will be busy and difficult but August has the potential to be quieter so I can make progress on some standard things.

Positive thinking: I have been living CBT even if it hasn’t always been effective depending on the situation.

Good mind, body & spirit maintenance: I’ve really managed to do body maintenance for the last few weeks and it does make a difference to how I feel and the clothes I wear so…trying to keep that up.  The other thing to note is that I am hooked up to a cardiac monitor right now but I’m not expecting it to find anything at all.

Overall, I do think I’ve made strides to turn this objective around from where it was the last time I updated.  I just need to continue doing what I’m doing and plugging away.

Spend quality time with family and friends; make time and make sure I have energy to keep my promises and spend the time with people!

I have things planned in August and June/July has been busy with Dad and Sheila so all good.

Get settled in my new job, map out my future ‘work’ and make it happen; get an achievable plan for my future career.

Tough week, but…you know what? All jobs have tough weeks.  Mostly the role is a positive in my life – good boss, great team, lots of opportunity to create something good, and I’m pleased with where I am.

I still don’t have is a ‘what does the future look like in five years’ – what is the ideal for me beyond this job.  I so I still do need to do some thinking on that.

Write what makes me happy; make writing enjoyable again.

I’ve made progress, finished one short story and on with another.  This week has been terrible for writing though.

In summary, good progress; I’m definitely not losing sight of my goals and I have improved from the last update in keeping on track.  More to do but I’m comfortable I’m doing my best for right now.


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