New Year

So once again we’re at the start of a New Year, and once again I abandoned the blog to other things.  However here’s my yearly review…

2013 Goals in Review

1. Have fun: (i) cherish my friendships and family

This went much better at the beginning of the year when I wasn’t working!

Family was a huge part of last year from dealing with Uncle Ken’s brain tumour and recovery to dealing with my own situation.  But my sister has moved and we’ve had hardly any contact recently apart from Christmas.  She did ask us for New Year as after the move and everything they wanted to have it at theirs but I’m working either side, and just plain exhausted, plus Dad had plans to go to Windermere, so we suggested we catch up at the weekend instead.

Friendships have fallen by the wayside a little.  My best friend and I are very much still in touch but I’ve been so busy at work and so exhausted when I’m at home that I’ve had very little energy to make contact.  I need to change that and reconnect with people.

(ii) write what I want when I want

Writing is something else that I haven’t had a great deal of time for with beginning to work again.  I need to make more of a concerted effort to spend the time writing rather than escaping into reading.

2. Make money  (i) find work that pays consistently

I have a five day job as a project manager and have been working since the end of May.  On one hand, it’s too tiring, the company culture has a tendency to drive me nutty on occasion, and it’s reminded me of why I stopped being a project manager.  On the other, I work with really nice people and the job is one that I can do and it is meeting the goal.

(ii) pursue new avenues to raise revenue

I had ideas but no action here!

(iii) take additional step(s) to my future career goal

It would probably help me to really fix on what that future career goal is as I think the ambiguity or lack of passion about what I thought should be a future career goal is why I haven’t put much effort into doing this

3. Think positive

Apart from broken elbows and recovering from two lots of surgery to do with that, physically it hasn’t been bad but it hasn’t been good.  I have attempted to think more positively and I do think my mental health is much better than it was.

2014 Goals:

1. Family & Friends

Make time for them and make this a priority

2. Write More

I’d like to complete the epic story I’m working on but beyond that simply write for fun!

3. Financial stability

Short term: think about finding something else to bring in money

Long term: focus on what I really want to do and make it happen!

4. Think positive health

Continue focusing on improving my physical and mental health