Celebrating February 25th-28th

Cherish family continues to play a role in my life given my elbow continues to be broken (if mending while being technicoloured and looking like Frankenstein’s monster’s elbow).  Dad has been a huge support and I should probably tell him at some point that I do appreciate that he came home and has looked after me (even if I don’t appreciate the lectures on vitamins).  My sister has also been a boon although I think we’re both grateful that the cast removal on 26th meant she could stop showering me.

Ultimately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking positive about my health and my elbow.  I can use it a fair bit now in doing normal things – like typing – and it is getting stronger even if it needs to be protected, continues to ache and is very stiff and weak.  I was even prepared to head to London for a networking event but was thwarted by the rail network which decided to make travelling a nightmare (or maybe it was the Universe’s way of saying ‘we went to all this trouble so you only had a broken elbow and make sure it is fine; stop trying to mess it up by doing too much!’).

Which brings me neatly onto make money because it has been a frustrating week in that regard.  Mostly because of delays in talking to people but the conversations did happen and are positive…just not immediate.  I can’t actually see money happening until April…but focusing on the positive, there are at least opportunities!