Celebrating January 20th-23rd

OK, so I’m leaving behind the daily missives for the last few days as it really does boil down to cherish my family as the situation with Uncle Ken is ongoing.

It’s grief – for losing who he was and his knowing love (because I think he knows he loves us but I don’t think he knows why).

It’s protectiveness – for taking care of who he is now when he can’t speak for himself anymore.

It’s trying to control the uncontrollable – where he’s going next, his treatments, his home.

And it’s loss – because he’ll go home and we’ll visit but it’s not going to be the same.

On the more positive make money celebration front, I have a job interview for something I didn’t even apply for.  And I have applied for a range of things so hopefully something will come of my applications even if the job interview doesn’t work out.


Celebrating January 16th

cherish family

I walked to the hospital today which isn’t as insane as it sounds as it is only down the road, (a mere 5 minute drive in the car usually when the roadworks aren’t around), although it was longer walking than I had anticipated.

On the way there I was seriously wondering if my legs were just going to stop working – they were so tired.  Possibly I don’t do enough exercise and setting off on a 30 minute walk without prior build up isn’t a good thing.  I also walked back because there was a serious lack of taxis – or signs pointing towards taxis at the hospital.

It was a nice visit in that I just sat and read my book while Uncle Ken napped.  There wasn’t a big song and dance of ‘visiting’ which there was on Monday and Tuesday.

I’m not supposed to be going tomorrow (my sister is going in the afternoon) but I may go in the evening anyway (I feel guilty about just leaving him alone for so long in the hospital).