Take that

Honestly, I’m not sure that there is anything more disturbing that going downstairs to say goodnight and finding your 68 year old father and 74 year old uncle engrossed in a Take That concert…

On that note, my past week has been good and bad in equal measure.  Good in the sense that I am turning the corner on my fatigue issues; bad in the sense that the fibromyalgia has triggered again with the weather turning.

I did have a lovely lunch with my old CFS support group.  It was great to get caught up.  I’m also looking forward to this week which of course ends with Christmas Day.  It’ll be nice to spend the time with family.


When Is An Achievement Not An Achievement

So, I haven’t touched the blog for almost a month!  I hadn’t realised it was quite that long since my last entry.  Mostly my absence is due to ongoing health issues and trying to focus on my novel writing.

Health wise, things are beginning to look up.  It’s always difficult once you’re in a cycle of injury-fibromyalgia trigger-fatigue trigger and so on, to find a way out but I have started to slowly climb out of the abyss so to speak.

Writing has been sporadic and I’ve been kind to myself and allowed myself to simply write what I’ve wanted to on any given day even if that wasn’t the novel.  Mainly because forcing myself to write the novel when I have a quite natural block takes energy that I don’t have at present.

I did pass my last psychology module with a 2:1 result which is great.  Convincing myself it’s great is taking some time though since I’ve passed the others with distinction.  I’ve had more distractions (other responsibilities) than the psychology this year with trying to get the business more promoted so the result is the one I planned for and is an achievement even if it feels like a let down after the other results.  (It is an achievement, I say again to myself).

And if nothing else, finally doing another blog is an achievement. 🙂