A Pain in the…

So, yes, I have been ignoring this blog for a couple of weeks, mostly because I’ve had ongoing issues with my neck.  Some days it’s almost OK and other days (usually in fairness after I’ve done something physical like clean) it’s incredibly painful.  Painful enough last night to wake me up at 3am and keep me semi-conscious of the fact that I was trying to sleep until the alarm went off this morning.

Needless to say, plans have slowed or stopped.  I’ve done barely anything on the business except let it mooch along in the background.  I’ve done barely any writing and what I have done has been painfully slow because it hurts to sit at a computer.  Possibly it’s time to go and see my doctor again.

The good news though is that my Dad is home so at least I have someone helping out around the house and who is able to drive the poor car that has sat on the driveway for the last couple of months because I haven’t been able to drive it.