Countdown to Mauritius

Suddenly, there’s only two and a half weeks left which seems to have happened far too quickly.  Time flies as they say.

Health: Not a good week health wise but it was a typical ‘oh look you have a quiet week so I can be bad’ decision by my body.  Still, I’m feeling better going into this week (which is busy) so hopefully it’ll continue to improve before I have to face the endurance test that is Mauritius.

Family & Friends: Sheila came over for a coffee and played with Sweetie and it was nice to see her after her holiday in the lakes. She brought presents which is always good.  She’s going for my uncle this coming weekend so I have 5 days of being alone left – yikes!

Psychology: Yes, didn’t quite go to plan last week but I should be able to get a draft of the latest essay done this week and the reading for the last essay lined up too (I need this organised so I can take it to Mauritius with me).

Coaching business: I let this drift last week but there’s a lot of little things that need followed up on this week.  There’s also an email shot going out and I have my radio appearance!

Writing: Major casualty in the health department because it’s easier to read than write when I’m bad. Still I did get the articles done but not much else.

Most fun thing of the week: Watching the cat chase a fly for a half a day yesterday without catching it.

Random thought of the week: 27 is far too young for someone to die.


Not Forgotten

So I didn’t exactly forget last week as made an executive decision not to post when I got to Weds.

OK, yes; I did forget 🙂

Health: I had another busy week so any gains were offset by busy-ness.  That said, I have a couple of weeks now of being relatively un-busy so that should help rejig the balance.

Family & Friends: Had one quiet week and then this week, I’ve emailed a couple of friends and had my best friend over for the weekend so it’s been good.

Psychology: The psychology project came back with a good enough mark although not the mark I wanted.  Still, a good mark is a good mark.  I’ve got the reading to do for the essay this week and planning the essay.

Coaching business: The source of much of my busy-ness!  I’ve been following up the contacts I made at the showcase.  It’s hard work but hopefully there’ll be things that come from it in time.

Writing: This has been the major casualty in my energy levels – all writing across the board.  I have a few articles I must get done this week and I want one of the fanfic stories I’ve been writing posted by the end of the week.

Most fun thing of the week: Watching Iron Man 2 with my best friend and us both rolling our eyes at making a brand new element in only a day!  Let’s go knock up a particle accelerator in the shed!

Random thought of the week: So, I’d lost interest in the Harry Potter movies around the time of the Prisoner of Azkaban, mainly because I’d already read the books and frankly I stopped going to the cinema because of the noise sensitivity issues.  There’s a lot of hype though about the latest movie and I’m thinking of checking with my sister on how many of the movies she has to see if we can take them all with us to Mauritius to do a rewatch 1-7 and then a trip to the cinema to see 7.5.  It would give us a plan for the evenings in Mauritius and cut down on the what are we watching arguments…

Memory Issues

Yes, I almost forget to post for last week but better late than never, right?

Health: Hmmm.  Definitely has suffered with the mental stress of getting the psychology project done and the physical stress of doing the showcase event.   Resting up at the weekend was only partially successful so I am trying to take things easy this week.

Family & Friends: My sister-in-law was a complete sweetie and helped me out with the showcase – getting me there and helping me set up.

Psychology: So I know from my tutor that my assignment reached him, he’s marked it and sent it back to the OU already.  Now I’m just waiting for the mark to be posted.  He’s very good; he gave nothing away in his email except confirmation that it was marked and posted it back.  Really I should be getting on with the next essay.

Coaching business: So, the business showcase was good for making contacts and networking; not so good for actually getting business immediately.  C’est la vie.  It was a good experience though and I’m very proud of myself; I think I did a good job.

Writing: The problem is that when I’m tired, reading gives me much more energy than writing as much as I love writing.  So I’ve done bits but nothing very much.  I’m really hoping to get some serious writing done over this next weekend on the assumption my energy levels have recovered.

Most fun thing of the week: I have to say the sense of satisfaction from last week is high.  Yes, it was tough; physically and mentally stressful but it did give me a sense of accomplishment even if I’m paying for it energy-wise.

Random thought of the week: No, itunes, I do not want to “ping” my embarrassing music purchases to my friends.