Time Flies

Health: Yeah, up and down a little.  Not surprisingly really as I’ve been very busy between getting ready for my first business showcase and finalising the psychology project.

Family & Friends: My sister and her partner popped round at the weekend so it was nice to catch up with them.  They loved the cat who is now being very sociable when people come round.

Psychology: I have a completed draft but it needs a lot of polishing over the next couple of days before I send it off.  Really this took over my life last week getting everything done but it was worth it (I hope!).

Coaching business: Networking is on the cards this week as I have the business showcase event on 30th.  My main worry is not having enough of everything but as I told myself earlier today, if I actually give away a hundred leaflets that will be a good thing.

Writing: Yep, writing hasn’t been on the cards so much with all my time and attention sucked into the psychology project.  I’ve been reading rather than anything else.

Most fun thing of the week: The kitten is really the highlight of any week.  This last week she’s discovered the outdoors (I’ve been taking her out just keeping hold of her to get her used to the garden) and now every time I go downstairs she wants out again.

Random thought of the week: I couldn’t believe it’s been 2 years since Michael Jackson died.


Busy Week

Health: So used up most of my energy over the last two weeks as I’ve been out practically every day and very busy.  I did take today off and will take it easy over the next couple of weeks.

Family & Friends: Caught up with an old friend over the weekend which was great even though the restaurant we went to tried to poison her by serving her a tea she was allergic to.

Psychology: Interviews are done and we’re now into the meat of the project.  This coming week will be spent focusing on getting the draft completed so I can finish and send it off next week.

Coaching business: Definitely coming along in that there are irons in the fire.  The next big thing is the showcase event on 30th.

Writing: That has decreased with everything else so spent some time today pottering with it.

Most fun thing of the week: The kitten continues to be a source of much amusement and joy.  She’s started doing her own thing some of the time (sunning herself in the conservatory) but that’s a good thing and it shows she’s settled.

Back to the Business

Health: OK.  My week off was a really good idea and has helped as my sleep patterns are all over the place.  Energy wise I’m solid if not brilliant.

Family & Friends: My sister won an award so yay!  I looked after her dog while she and her partner were at the awards do and took advantage to have a day/night away.  Juggling the cat and dog was an experience.

Psychology: Hmmm. So I’ve started to focus on the project work more and did the first interview; it was a learning experience but this coming week has got to be all about the project and getting it done.  I want it completed and posted well before the deadline so I can get on with the two remaining essays before I head to Mauritius.

Coaching business: Even more networking but it was a good week.

Writing: Bit and pieces and finished up some of the sci-fi stuff for the magazine.

Most fun thing of the week: The kitten who is just a real sweetheart.

Conversations to Have With Your New Kitten

1. My Food is My Food

Begging is not cool.  Trying to jump on my lap to get to my plate when I’m eating is not cool.  Jumping on the table is not cool.  Trying to steal the food off my plate is not cool.

Limpid Green Eyes that you clearly learned watching Shrek’s Puss in Boots are not…oh, who am I kidding: my food is your food.

2. Electrical Wires Are Not Play Things

You could get shocked and hurt.  They are dangerous.  Stay away from them.

Note to self: buy new phone charger.

3. My Hand is Not a Chew Toy

I know you like rough-housing.  I’ve watched the Big Cat Diary.  I know it’s all about learning fighting techniques that will keep you alive in the wild.  Not that you’re ever going out into the wild but still, I get the evolutionary psychological motivation here.  But I have skin and you have claws and sharp, very sharp teeth.  Therefore, my hand is not a chew toy.

See also: my ankle is not a chew toy, my toe is not a chew toy, my elbow is not a chew toy, my limbs are not chew toys: I am not a chew toy.

And why are you not playing with the actual chew toy?

4. My Laptop is Not Your Competition

So, I know I spend a LOT of time on it, and I know it spends a LOT of time on my lap but I need it for work.  I use it for writing, for research, for study.  It’s a tool.  But I don’t love it like I love you.

OK, yes, I might stroke it and croon at it a little (it helps it work better) but you’re still number one.  You don’t need to attack it.  Biting is definitely out.  Jumping on it is a no-no.

I love you best.

See also: point two.

5. It’s You!

Yes, you’ve discovered shiny reflective surfaces.  No, the cat looking back at you is not another cat, it’s you!  It’s your reflection!  Yes, YOU!

Seriously.  Stalking yourself is silly.