Hello, My New Friend

So, I’ve been spending all of the bank holiday with my new cat.  She’s 5 months old and a real cutie-pie.

She’s actually a duplicate markings wise of Sparkles but is incredibly affectionate and vocal like Crackers.  In fact, on a metaphysical level, it’s like the two of them had a daughter to keep me company.

Of course, having not had a kitten for over 15 years, I forgot how much smaller and flexible they are than full grown cats.  The first day I got her, S found the perfect hiding place behind the vent under the oven and I spent a good 4 hours thinking I was going to have to tell the RSPCA that I’d lost her (even though I knew she couldn’t have gotten out of the house).

Luckily, although it’s still her go-to place when she hears something she’s not happy about, she comes out as soon as I ask her to.  And thankfully when she is full grown she won’t fit under there.

My new cat

Early Bird

Yes, I thought I’d get this done and dusted while I remembered to do it.

Health: Again, bare minimum this week to get some energy back.  I think I’m actually accepting that it’s just what I have to do rather than getting depressed that it’s a step back which is good.

Family & Friends: Another Sunday lunch out with family and spent a couple of days with my best friend getting caught up.  So all good.

Psychology: The assignment has been submitted and returned; the comments were fair and so was the mark although it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  I just now have to do the project.  I have submitted an article to the BPS North West Newsletter and so my psychology publishing career begins!

Coaching business: More networking and I need to get my head around e-books.  I also need to get the next lot of advertising done.

Writing: Bit and pieces but a little disjointed because of resting.

Most fun thing of the week: Going to choose my new cat from the RSPCA!  Just have to complete the home visit and then I can pick her up and bring her home.

Random thought of the week: I had a really good random thought earlier in the week and now I have no idea what that was.  I should write them down in future.

Another Late Entry

I’m so bad at keeping track of this! Anyway going on the better late than never concept…

Health: I am majorly tired which hasn’t been helping matters so I am paring things down again so I only deal with what I really have to in order to gain some more energy.

Family & Friends: Weekend of football watching with my sister and her partner/Sunday lunch – I cooked.  Actually I don’t mind cooking Sunday lunch because most of the effort is in the 15/20 minutes of prepping vegetables and the 5 mins of serving up.

Psychology: So, assignment-wise I’m getting there; I’ve also got a couple of articles written for a newsletter and thinking about submitting one to another magazine.

Coaching business: Ongoing efforts but scaled this back to focus on the psychology and the health.  There are some networking things coming up though so it’s not as though I’m not doing anything.  Plus there is the work on the course ongoing.

Writing: Yes, must avoid fanfic plot bunnies which have a habit of multiplying like the real thing.  But I’ve also made some headway on original fic this last week so that’s a bonus.

Most fun thing of the week: Hmmm.  Probably lunch.  It wasn’t a really fun week.

Random thought of the week: OK, so I may have become a little addicted to Hawaii Five-0 (the reboot not the 70s version) of late.  It’s fun.  It reminds me of my vacation to Hawaii years ago.  It has lots and lots of visuals of the sea and beaches which is like zen to me. I really need to live near to a beach when I retire.  It also reminds me fondly of Mauritius because the whole the locals always know someone who knows someone is so like Mauritius it’s not funny.

Wedding No.2

So, wedding no.2 and I’m not talking about the Royal event!

Health: Yeah, the migraine hit on Thursday.  I managed to wrestle it back into submission to attend my cousin’s wedding on Saturday but it came out to play again on Sunday.  It’s a definite sign I’ve overdone it so I’m dialling everything back this week and next to bare essentials.   

Family & Friends: Lots of family this week given the wedding, not to mention we did the neighbourly thing and attended the street party following the Royal wedding.  It was nice to see everyone again (although we had just seen everyone at the beginning of April) and both the bride and groom were very much in love so good all round. 

Psychology: Reading, reading and more reading!  I’m hoping to do a draft of the proposal this week and start requesting volunteers for the project. 

Coaching business: Mostly reading in anticipation of newsletter articles due this week and tweaking the website!  But otherwise apart from following up a few queries, it’s trundling along.  I have to keep reminding myself that if I put in the work, it will pay off.  Maybe later, rather than sooner.

Writing: Still writing but I now have a lot of stuff due for the online magazine and that goes into the must do this week. 

Most fun thing of the week: Actually the street party takes the prize this week because I was always come away from it feeling connected on a citizen level, as part of a community however tenuous and annual it is in how it comes together.

Least fun thing of the week: Being delayed 2 hours because someone decided that they’d like to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge onto the M1.  Apparently the police talked her round but not until she’d managed to bring traffic to a complete halt (which fair enough because I’d rather they did that than she cause a major traffic accident by landing on a car and causing a pile-up).  

Random thought of the week: One commentator in a newspaper said Wills and Kate should do their duty by immediately starting in on a tour of Britain doing good work and pressing the flesh, bringing a smile to the faces of the British people with their young modern sexy Royalness; that it was unfair to us that they were going to Canada on their first official tour.  I disagree completely.  I think its admirable that William wants to do his duty as a serving officer in our Armed forces.  I think Kate is imminently sensible, level-headed and admirable in wanting to support her husband in that decision.  And given the primary benefit of the Royal family these days is in the foreign investment and tourism they attract, their decision to go to Canada first is the best thing for the country.  Personally, I’m glad the next generation of Royals is actually following the tradition of the Queen and putting duty to country before any desire to become just another celebrity.