Easter Madness

I say I’m busy every week but I really am!

Health: The good news is that I am getting a much better handle on what my body can cope with, what it can’t and how to manage the whole enchillada. The bad news is that I’m pushing myself.  Some of that is intentional; some of it is not.  And it’s incredibly difficult explaining to people still.  My Dad and sister, for example, need music when they’re driving: I mostly prefer silence these days because of noise sensitivity issues.  We had a six hour journey to Durham and back on Saturday so I endured six hours of music.  And then pushed my body by watching Doctor Who.  I had to spend all of Sunday in silence to counter the incipient migraine.   

Family & Friends: Lots of friends and family this week.  Caught up with my best friend via a long phone call.  Made contact with a friend who’d just suffered a bereavement.  Most importantly, we (meaning Dad, sis and I) took the cat’s ashes up to my mother’s grave and scattered them along with my Uncle.

Psychology: Shoved to the back burner last week but I’m bringing forward this as I have a lot of reading to do for the project! 

Coaching business: Excitingly I’ve had more queries come in from the website which is great!  More networking on Wednesday with a counselor but I really enjoyed that.  Still, lots to do in terms of getting course material sorted.  I also went on a first aid course on Thursday which was enlightening.  CPR is very hard work!

Writing: Still writing although plans to do more SGU reviews fell by the wayside for a variety of reasons including my need for silence yesterday. 

Most fun thing of the week: Actually the most enjoyable thing has been the writing this week.

Random thought of the week: The vacuum cleaner works much better now Dad has connected all the bits together correctly…


A Time For Study

So last week was busy as I was catching up with everything and trying to get my health back under control…

Health: I think more than ever it’s about balance.  It’s knowing that if I do X, then Y has to wait.  It means that prioritising what I need to do with what I want to do is always going to be difficult. 

Family & Friends: Well, I made the decision not to see a friend perform in a play because I was so tired so irked by that, but family wise we’ve just had my cousin unexpectedly stay for the weekend which has been nice (if tiring).

Psychology: Attended the Day School which was completely focused on the project work and it was very useful.  But there’s going to be a lot of work involved with the project itself so eep! 

Coaching business: Things are progressing slowly but surely, and I’m doing more and more in regards to the business every day.  This is good but it would be nice if the networking and marketing was paying off with more clients! 

Writing: All in all, I’m not unhappy with where I’m at with writing; the reviews for GeekSpeak got done, I finished a fanfic, worked out a major wrinkle in the plot for the sci-fi/fantasy novel and added to a contemporary fic.  I’m also considering whether to turn the course materials for the leadership training into a book. 

Most fun thing of the week: Actually the very relaxing facial I had which was exactly what I needed to destress.

Random thought of the week: I probably did have a random thought but it’s slipped my mind!  That and it is very hard to find the new rug I wanted for the living room…


Yes, it was a wedding week last week – not mine I hasten to add!

Health: There’s nothing like trying to do something which everyone else takes for granted to realise just how *not* normal I am – say like going to a wedding.  The trip down was long and tiring; the wedding day exhausting and painful; the trip back long, tiring and pain-filled.  It has taken me most of the weekend to recover and I’m going to need to take things relatively easy this week to balance everything. 

Family & Friends: Wedding!  So lots of family.  It was nice to catch up with everyone even though it was an endurance test (I’m at a bit of a loss as to how I’m going to cope with the Mauritius one).  Plus my sister came over for lunch with Dad and I yesterday.  It’s the first time it’s just been the three of us for a long while. It was nice and relaxed (in comparison to the wedding).

Psychology: Right on the cusp of a 1st for the 2nd essay so I guess I didn’t do too badly!  I’m now gearing up for the day school on Saturday. 

Coaching business: Advertising like crazy!  Maybe I need to actually write the course materials now…

Writing: Actually this is going very well (!)  I do have some outstanding reviews for GeekSpeak but hope to get to them tomorrow. 

Most fun thing of the week: Sunday lunch with my sis and Dad.

Random thought of the week: I may one day snap and throw something at anyone using a mobile phone in a quiet zone on a train.  It’s a quiet zone!!!

Not Enough Hours in the Space Time Continuum

So the problem with suddenly getting busy is that there suddenly isn’t enough time to do everything.  My list of things to do is about four pages long!

Health: Well right this minute I’m tired and grumpy but actually I’m OK but I’m aware I do need to make sure I’m not overdoing it. 

Family & Friends: Last week was all about looking after the dog again and my sister stayed over so family related. 

Psychology: The essay is submitted!  It’s done and gone and I’m not sure I answered the question but at this point I really don’t care because I needed it gone!  I’m also starting to consider how I get published from a psychology perspective as publishing is all important in academia and I could do with getting myself started early as it will help my Masters application when I get there. 

Coaching business: Networking event plus organised some flyers so that was all goodness.  Plus I now have a shiny new brochure.  I am starting to really push on the marketing front for the leadership training.

Writing: I’ve been busy on that front mostly working on an original piece of work in between catching up on some fanfic stuff I was doing before the cat died. 

Most fun thing of the week: Getting my hair done.

Random thought of the week: OK, so I’ve just seen Michael J Fox on Inside the Actor’s Studio and I have to say that it was inspiring.  Puts my own illness into perspective.