Busy as a bee

I’m so busy!  Which is good.  And bad.

Health: I’m getting there.  Still making compromises but getting there, and I’m feeling much better. 

Family & Friends: Had lunch with an old mate from IBM – it’s been 8 years since we’ve seen each other and it was great to catch up. 

Psychology: I’m so behind!  I will get the essay done but so behind!

Coaching business: And yes, this is the reason I’m busy as I’ve been getting organised to advertise and run a leadership course in May.

Writing: I’ve continued writing which is good!

Most fun thing of the week: Lunch hands down.

Random thought of the week: Spring cleaning is a pain but I have now unearthed the instructions for the fire so we can get a new bulb (to give the appearance of a warm red glow).  They were exactly where I told my Dad they were and exactly where he claimed he had looked but hadn’t seen them.


Getting Rachel Organised

Yes, it seems it is that time of the year again.

Health: Still up and down while I deal with the physical fallout from losing my cat.  Sleeping isn’t particularly restful; I am more achy.  So, still trying to be kind to myself and finding compromises. 

Family & Friends: Had lunch with an old friend on Tuesday last week and that was great as always. We ended up covering everything from Elizabeth I vs Elizabeth II to gossiping about old school mates. 

Psychology: Well, in the being kind to myself stakes I did fail to make it to the tutorial.  I do have some reading to catch-up on too as I need to get the next essay written this week.

Coaching business: Things are moving forward slowly but surely.  I’m enjoying putting the training course together and even if no-one wants it at least I’ll have fun doing it!

Writing: I finally spent a whole day writing fiction on Saturday and it was good to get back in the habit after a long stretch of not writing anything fictional at all.

Most fun thing of the week: The writing probably wins this one although lunch with my friend almost took the prize.

Random thought of the week: Sometimes it is terrifying to realise just how destructive Mother Nature can be and yet it is inspiring to realise just how resilient we humans can be in the face of that adversity.

Brief Catch-Up

So, just a quick catch-up post as I realised this morning that I had forgotten about last week. 

Given last week was mostly spent running around after my sister’s dog that’s possibly the reason why everything seems foggy.  I am definitely not getting a dog; they require far too much energy.

Business wise, I definitely made some progress (in between dealing with the dog) but unfortunately didn’t get to meet up with my friend at the weekend as I came down with a twenty-four hour bug thing.  Still, we’ve rearranged the visit so hopefully in April.

The only way is up

Well, we’ve had a rather rough start to 2011 as my sister-in-law’s Mum passed away yesterday.  I didn’t know her very well but she was a lovely lady and will be missed. 

Health: I’m being very careful really as emotional stress is the worst possible trigger for both conditions; that said I think this is the first time I’ve been kind to myself at the time of having an emotional trigger.  So far, so good.  My conditions are flaring up but in a small way rather than a big way.

Family & Friends: Well, on the family side obviously not so good given my opening.  I have been well taken care of, really with the cat; my Dad has called me more times since the cat died than he has done in the entirety of his previous trips to Mauritius.  I also have the best friends ever between phone calls and cards, and just generally making sure I’m OK. 

Psychology: So, the essay got handed in on time and returned with a promptness that is greatly appreciated.  The mark is a solid 2:1, not spectacular but a good start (and it’s the best mark I’ve received for a first essay).  My current tutor may be my most favourite tutor ever; his comments were very constructive and very useful.

Coaching business: So, in the being kind to myself arena, I have let a couple of things slip but I’ll get onto them this Monday.  That includes follow-up on warm leads generated by the business development firm; setting up the blog and issuing the newsletter.  Tomorrow promises to be busy.

Writing: I have mostly continued to read rather than write (also in the being kind to my health category energy wise) but during the last few days, I have started to read my own writing as a way of finding myself a route back into it.  I have been writing non-fiction stuff so in that respect I have been doing some writing every day.

Most fun thing of the week: Probably my reading but this took a great deal of thought…resting, looking after my health and generally not doing very much isn’t fun no matter how much it might sound like it.

Random thought of the week: Perhaps I should really read the instruction booklet for the new vacuum cleaner as there is this bit which I’m sure is meant to connect to this other bit but it did work anyway….