Time is relative

I really did mean to do this yesterday but as I ran out of energy after a weekend of family…

Health: So actually did manage to have a good week until the weekend and slightly overdoing it. 

Friends and family: We went out yesterday for Dad’s birthday and as a farewell so that was nice and had my cousin over on Saturday night.  Lots of family.  Plus I’ve arranged to catch up with an old friend in March so all on track.   

Psychology: I ignored it in favour of business stuff as I know I’ll need to focus on it next week (this week really now). 

Coaching business: Lots of things but I’m proud of designing my new flyer in gimp and ordering it.   

Writing: I took a break in favour of reading. 

Most fun activity of the week: Designing the flyer.

Random thought of the week: Is anyone really that interested in whether Cheryl is going to be on the US X Factor – apart from Cheryl herself?


Not exactly on time but here anyway

So a strange, strange week.

Health: Tried new medication on Tuesday which had me nauseous, dizzy and feeling like the left side of my face was numb for the rest of the week so I’ve stopped taking it and will have to go back to the doctor. 

Friends and family: Dad is in Strasbourg so I’ve had the house to myself and the cat.  My best friend came over on Friday though and we had a nice night in; take-out, The A-Team movie and a chat about the various Stargate series along with catch-up on all the gossip.   

Psychology: So all the dates are in my diary and I start studying next week.  Mostly I learned last year it wasn’t a good idea to get too far ahead of the course (or at least that’s my excuse). 

Coaching business: Well, things are happening and I start following up some leads on Monday.   

Writing: Kind of went awry on the writing front after the medication debacle made my brain too fuzzy to think. 

Most fun activity of the week: Friday night, of course.  Nothing like catching up with a good friend.

Random thought of the week: Was anyone surprised by the split of Katie Price aka Jordan and latest hubby?  Really?

Two weeks down, Fifty to go

My second week of 2011 and I actually do this on time!

Health: So more resting but the stress levels have been off the scale because the cat isn’t very well.  I knew he wasn’t very well because there have been clear signs that I recognise from the last time I went through a cat getting old and dying.  But as he’s been unwell on top of the usual stuff I thought I’d better take him to the vets.  Two trips to the vets later (the second where they knocked him out took blood, urine and x-rays) and we know he has a severe kidney disease.  We’re trying him on medication but if that doesn’t work than it’s only a matter of time before I’ll need to have The Discussion whether it’s kinder to put him down or not. Needless to say that has all been very stressful leading to a 3 day migraine and a post-migraine dizzy spell.  I am resting though.

Friends and family: My uncle is now safely back to his own home so it’s mostly been myself and Dad this week which is easier as he and I make fairly good house-mates (we mostly leave the other to it).  My best friend has been a Godsend, propping me up through the Cat Troubles.  And I’ve managed to email friends and past colleagues a Happy new year note so keeping in touch gets a big tick (and even better I’ve even had emails back).   

Psychology: I did check out the student page on my OU profile – does that count as study?

Coaching business: Well, surprisingly moving forward as the initial business development stuff is underway.   

Writing: Yes, there has been writing.  Finished my Dr Who Christmas Special review and an ad hoc one of Lois and Clark, and sent them to the editor (they’ll be published shortly).  I’ve also published a couple of fanfic stories and tracked the ficathon I’m running so not bad at all for one week. 

Most fun activity of the week: Hmmm.  Did I have fun this week?  Trip to vets.  Migraine.  Trip to the vets.  Migraine.  Call from the vets telling me the cat is very sick…really this week has sucked.  Still, on the bright side (since both coaching and CBT tell me to look this way), possibly the most fun activity of the week has been the ficathon: 6 stories published in the first week and mine went down a storm picking up 2 unsolicited recommendations!  So I’m a happy bunny deep down underneath the mountain of worry about the cat.

Could weekly be the answer?

Actually this is a week and a day given I clean forgot yesterday.

Health: Least said the better.  I am resting more but given how sleep disturbed I am at the moment, I think it’s fair to say its only ensuring I break even energy wise.

Friends and family: Still have my Uncle and Dad in the house so seeing lots of them.  No, that’s not quite the same thing.  Somehow managed to not send emails this week due to laziness.  Saw one of my closest friends for lunch though.   

Psychology: Hmmm.  Well, yes, I’ve ignored this in favour of work this week.

Coaching business: I’ve been working with a company who are going to effectively do the business development side for me so that has taken up some energy in reviewing and feeding back.  But it looks good.   

Writing: Have been running a ficathon this week and starting to panic slightly over whether people have got their fics finished.  It’s the usual panic.  It will all work out in the end.  My brain got hijacked into writing a piece of fanfiction as well as my own entry for the ficathon but as a result – writing every day. 

Most fun activity of the week: Having lunch with a friend, catching up and generally making plans for 2011.

Looking back, moving forward

So, ahem. Yes, absent all of December.  I have no excuse.

Looking Back:

1. Get healthy (pretty much the priority if I’m going to achieve the rest) – VERY RED

I’m not well at all but functioning which is the main thing.  Hopefully my health can only improve in 2011.

2. Spend time with friends and family – GREEN

Very green in fact.  Still in contact with lots of people which is great and had THE most fabulous trip to Kendal for lunch with an old friend even if I did almost get hypothermia on the train on the way home.

3. Set-up the Coaching business – AMBER

Still AMBER although moving to GREEN.  I have done some networking in December and I am moving forward with a business development plan.

4. Focus on my Psychology study – GREEN

Distinction in my project work from the residential school.  Distinction in my last module (which had the exam which I felt went terribly).

5. Write something fictional every day – GREEN

I’ve done quite a lot of fanfiction and got a good plan sorted for my novel from doing NaNoWriMo.   

6. Blog daily – RED

Daily isn’t working for me – especially when I’m ill and half the time I forget or can’t form coherent sentences or my life is basically ‘I rested today.’

7. Have fun – AMBER

Definitely had some fun in there with the writing and meeting up with friends but it has been a tough couple of months.

– Overall, not a bad year!

Moving Forward:

Goals for 2011 are…surprisingly the same as last year with a few tweaks!  I’ve removed blogging as I’ll include it in the ‘write something every day’ and that may very well be blog-related.  I aim to find a regular pattern (maybe once a week or once a month).  I have set up the coaching business so now it’s about developing it and I really need to make this a priority for the working week.  And I’ve removed the ‘fictional’ from writing to allow for the fact that I am publishing non-fiction stuff.  Otherwise no change which could be seen as a good thing!

1. Get healthy

2. Spend time with friends and family

3. Focus on my Psychology study

4.  Focus on the Coaching business every work day

5. Write something every day

6. Have fun