Battles of the Subconscious

So with the fatigue, I often have nights where I’m what’s medically termed ‘sleep disturbed’ – which normally indicates insomnia (failure to fall asleep), unrestful sleep (little to no deep sleep) or unrefreshing sleep (you wake tired even though you think you’ve slept like the dead). 

The other night I think I spent the entire time I wasn’t actually awake, battling with my subconscious.  I do know I woke up at one point with a distrubing prescience  for someone else’s house alarm going off exactly a minute later.  And I recall wandering downstairs and peering out of the window trying to see who’s it was before it switched off again and I stumbled back to bed to resume the fight.

Unsurprisingly I wasn’t very refreshed the next day.  I really am not sleeping very well.


Royal Engagements

It’s great that William and Kate have decided to get married.  It’s a nice piece of good news in a world where there isn’t a lot of good news given the economic climate and general crankiness of the world at large.

Still, if I have to see one more of their old Uni mates (who are not indicative of the St Andrews student population at all) comment about their relationship again, I may hurl something at the TV.

The Case for the Defence

So I’ve been distracted with NaNoWriMo and…OK, so I plain forgot there for a couple of days about the blog.

I did remember yesterday and then my broadband refused to connect to let me post. 

Mainly yesterday’s post was going to be about Take That and how manic Robbie looked through the performance on The X Factor (and how it was quite sweet that Howard and Mark noticed and propped him up/encouraged him at times.)

Today’s blog was mostly going to be that reality TV contestants really need to learn how to perfect the ‘I’m loving every moment of this’ look (see: Aaron, on Masterchef Australia, who looked so completely pissed off at the returning contestants that it was very funny and was called on it by the judges, and couldn’t lie to save his life – and I like him, he’s one of my favourites), and the ‘I have no really strong feelings about this person you’re asking me about’ look (see: Aiden from The X Factor on today’s This Morning who looked so completely in the midst of mancrush on Matt and so completely ‘I really hate Katie’ and so couldn’t hide either reaction it wasn’t funny).