Revision Times

So, I’ve been ignoring the blog in favour of writing and revision. 

So a few things to catch up:

X-Factor – what were the judges all thinking about?  Only Louis has made sensible choices it seems. 

Masterchef Australia – I like the changes this season with the celebrity chef challenge resulting in immunity but not leaving the competition to go do work experience.  I think my favourite might be Aaron.

And thankfully Fall TV is coming back.  House came back on Sunday (and I’m not sure we needed so much of an episode dedicated to Cuddy and House); SGU started tonight and it was good to see it return (I’ll leave the rest for the review that I have to write); NCIS is back soon.  Presumably not this Friday but next because FX aren’t exactly advertising the date even if they have gotten around to advertising that there’s a new series.



OK, so maybe I haven’t done very much revision today as cleaning yesterday (despite doing it in chunks in line with pacing and resting plenty in between) wore me out.  The way that I see it is that I could clean something every day, maybe take one day off, but seriously?  The thought of cleaning something every day is far too depressing for words.

So a cleaning day and a rest day.  Sounds OK to me.