Cleaning Day

OK, so maybe I was procrastinating over revision but the house did need cleaning.

I let go of the cleaners after a budget review and I do miss them.  However, there is something about cleaning a house yourself that does leave a glowing sense of satisfaction at all the shiny surfaces and gleaming furniture.  Of course, I still think I’d rather have cleaners.


Love’s Labour Lost

So I just want to point out that I totally called Ed Milliband gaining the Labour leadership back on May 12th.  Search through the archives if you don’t believe me.  It was so obvious that he was the compromise.

Will he actually be PM in his life time?  Well, that’s harder to call and has a lot to do with whether the economic climate is in an upturn in 2015, the coalition holds its nerve and whether Ed does shift to retake the centre-left ground.  And also whether the world doesn’t end in 2012.

Navigating Reality

When someone writes something they do give away a part of their reality.  A part of their worldview is set down in the words, in the sentences, in the twists and turns of a plot and the sketch of a character.  Maybe it’s not everything the author has experienced or everything that they believe in personally but there’ll be a strand or a speck of something that will ring true and sincere and will define them.

Perhaps in original fiction it’s less easy to tell; the characters are a multitude, the plots may be original or not, there may be enough confusion in the prose to hide the real view of the author within the forests that readers will assume are simply trees.  But fanfiction where the characters, settings and many of the plots are taken from the original materials, provide less easy places to hide because the reader knows what is true to the character and what is not.  Just a thought.


So, I went for afternoon tea at my sister’s.  It’s something that I haven’t done for a while because I’ve increasingly become scared of driving.  It may have something to do with temporarily forgetting how to drive my car one day while I was in the midst of a bad fatigue patch. 

Anyway, first time on a motorway in over year and travelling at more than 30 miles an hour when I’m the one steering.  It was OK.  A little rocky perhaps on confidence in changing lanes but OK.  But in many ways it was like getting back on a bike and now I’ve managed to drive myself there and back I can become more confident about using the car to travel around in again.

Geeking Out

I have to admit that I did nothing today.  Well, not nothing but nothing constructive.

Last night though I did end up watching some old Atlantis episodes with my best friend which was great because she always loved the show even when I wasn’t that enthused.

It was a good night of nostalgia and commenting about how young they all looked when they started out.

Controversy on the Internet

There really should be a “How to not Fail on the Internet” guide handed out to writers.  Lesson 1#: Do not say something controversial.  Lesson 2#: In the event you do want to say something controversial or accidentally say something controversial, be prepared for a response.  Lesson 3#: Do not deny that you didn’t mean what you said or don’t understand how people have misinterpreted what you’ve said (you’re a writer, for crying out loud, all writing is open to interpretation: you should know this).  Lesson 4#: A polite rebuttal is acceptable even better is a “I will think about what you’ve said.”  You have permission to ignore the ghoulish crazies and vultures that show up because they do speak only for themselves and fandom has no time for them as they give it a bad name.  Lesson 5#: Do not delete the entry or the comments that have already been posted (either individually or as a thread).  You’ll lose all credibility and the truth is someone has already screen-capped it all and posted it on the web somewhere so it is an exercise in futility.  Lesson 6#: Either accept you made a mistake with a public statement of retraction or apology or stand your ground on principle and revel in the controversy (some people actually thrive on it).  Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away; memories are long on the Internet (Seriously, I’ve seen people commenting about controversies from the days before I even knew there was an Internet).  Lesson 7#: Renew your commitment to Lesson 1#.  Rinse and repeat.

I have to admit that I’m beginning to think that being a SF and Fantasy writer will inevitably lead to making some kind of controversial blog at some point that will end up being upheld by fandom as another example of fail and a subsequent uproar with fans proclaiming that they’ll never buy another book again.  It seems many SF and Fantasy writers fall into this trap.  Is it just the genre or is it a problem for the crime and thriller writers, the romance writers too?  Or do they just not interact with fandom in the same way?  Hmmm.