Everything Including Police

The monster is posted.  And I’m no longer thinking about it until the result.  Like the last exam, I kind of feel that while it wasn’t 100% what I wanted to do with it, I did the best I could in the time I had.

On a different note, I got woken up this morning (1am to be exact) by a police patrol stopping two teenage lads just outside our front door.  Apparently, one of the neighbours at the back (which is the front of the estate) had called the police to report suspicious behaviour and possible car theft attempts.  The police duly turned up and found these lads loitering about the estate and so formally stopped and searched them.

“Do whatever you want, mate.”

I think was response of Teenage Lad 2 to the police officer; Teenage Lad 1 was being the sulky silent one.

Half an hour, and two more patrol cars and a transport van later, the police decided to let them go on presumably lack of evidence and any other reason to detain them. 

“Straight home,” said the policeman sternly.

The lads, who had a small bike, cycled off.  The transport van left.  Patrol car 1 left.  Patrol car driver 3 proceeded to given patrol car driver 2 a lesson in how not to park when cornering possible suspects.  (It’s now 2amish).

Finally they all leave.

I did think about poking my head out of the window and asking them to take it elsewhere (they were disturbing the peace) but thought possibly best not to.  Still, my very own Police!  Action! show so can’t really complain.

And on a rather obscure but personally relevant note: apparently, apologising to the universe for not taking it seriously gets results.


From Nothing to Everything

They do warn you in Chronic Fatigue support not to go boom and bust, and admittedly today I think I may not have been quite subscribing to the idea of pacing.

If yesterday was nothing then I have packed if not quite everything, a LOT into today; washing the spare bed linen, making dinner for my aunt, uncle and cousin plus father who only sprung this on me yesterday, finishing the monster assignment (all I have to do is sense check it tomorrow, print copies, and send the thing), doing my Wii (up to 330 on the left-handed tennis now) and I did also manage some email this morning.  (Not to mention of course this blog tonight). 

I think, barring the assignment printing and posting which is an absolute must do, I need to rest up tomorrow.  More nothing instead of everything.

Monster Wrestling

Again, with the monster report.  While I was hoping to have this posted today I now have a draft I’m 90% happy with.  I’m going to leave it until Monday and then spend a couple more hours just backtracking through, making sure the references are OK and polishing up the analysis and discussion which need a little more tightening.

I’m quite proud that I’ve managed that while having major dizzy spells throughout the day.  I think they may have been caused by blood pressure (normally very low) skyrocketing after a run-in with a spider last night.  It was huge and on the bedroom curtain.  I tried to grab, it headed for the inside of the curtain.  I foolishly shook the curtain.  It fell on the floor and ran under the bed.  I have a huge bed – hotel room queen size luxury that always makes people’s eyes pop out when they see it (especially as I’m tiny but then I do share with the cat).  The bed can’t be moved easily (and by me not at all) and apparently none of the hoover attachments reach under the minimal space.  The cat was useless and only succeeded in scaring me stupid when I went into brush my teeth and he decided to walk into the bathroom unexpectedly.   There may have been a scream.  Hence I spent all night sleeping, aware that I was sleeping and that a spider could walk over me at any moment.  It’s not a good way to sleep.  Dizzy spells are probably not all that surprising considering.

My Dad was worried enough to offer me tomato soup for lunch but after I pointed out to him that I have dizzy spells all the time when he’s not here, his worry was apparently alleviated enough to spend the night in Windermere.  Contrarily I’m annoyed because – hey – I’m having dizzy spells and just because I have them when he’s not here, it doesn’t mean that he should have left me alone with my dizzy spells when he is actually in the country.  Ah well.

Wii Experiments

As I am now far too proficient at Wii tennis with my right hand, I’m trying to see if I can become as proficient playing tennis with my left hand.

So far I’ve won all my games but dropped a couple of points here and there.  The main issue seems to be direction as with my left my only ability is to get it over the net and hopefully somewhere on the court at this point.

It’ll be interesting to see if I can get to my current right handed score of 2000+ or how quickly I lose interest.

Revising the Monster

The monster in this case being my report that has to be sent very shortly and which I’m still not happy with.

It’s massive and I need to cut it down for one thing but oohed and aahed over which lines and quotes all day without too much success so that will have to continue tomorrow.

Otherwise it has been something of a relaxing time in a bizarre kind of way!