Cats and Dogs

It’s been a weird sort of day. 

My sister and her partner wanted my Dad’s help with something so we ended up inviting them for dinner (we had intended to invite them tomorrow).  Cue Sunday lunch on a Saturday evening.

As they went off to do stuff, they left me all afternoon with the dog.  Needless to say the cat wasn’t impressed.  He still isn’t.  Despite having showered after they left, apparently I still smell like dog.  Not that it’s stopped him from curling up on my lap for the last half-an hour reclaiming his territory.

Stll, weird.


Moving In Day…

Well, I worked out that the way for me to rename the original blog was to move all the content to a new blog: this one.

As from tomorrow, I will be posting here exclusively.  I’ll probably keep the original blog over the weekend and delete it at some point next week when the business blog will hopefully go live.

In some ways I’m quite sad to have to physically “move” but c’est la vie.  And while the look has changed somewhat I think I’m happy with it. 🙂

Two Hundred

Two hundred posts is certainly something to celebrate and given my grumpy day, good to end it on a high note.

Why am I grumpy?

Well, I could say it was down to the cat who woke me at 5.30am and then, having been told to forget that, woke me again at 7.30am.  But while the early disturbance has left me tired, the cat hasn’t made me grumpy.

The fact that I had to revise my essay today and get the references sorted out (and why can’t modules across the OU use the same referencing system!) hasn’t made me grumpy either.

No, my grumpiness is down to a sense of being undervalued for something I did yesterday, but I won’t whine about it here because it involves fanfic and quite honestly, I’m more grumpy about being grumpy about it than anything. 

Ah well.  Two hundred posts though.  That’s something more positive to focus on. 🙂

Renaming the Blog

I have decided that I will rename the blog.  As I’m hoping to have the business blog up and running sometime this week (although that is ambitious looking at my very long list of things to do), it will happen this week.

Do not worry faithful readers (all two of you!!) I will give details on what I change it to just as soon as I work out how I change the name (I’ve read the support page and frankly it needs daylight and for me to be slightly more awake to understand).

Had a lovely day catching up with my family and being fed by my sister.  The cat is less than happy that I smell slightly doggy as I had a cuddle with my sister’s Yorkshire terrier, but he has drooled all over me since I arrived back and presumably that made him feel better even if it made me feel soggy.