Can't Move

Evidently I was right: the badminton was pure insanity as today I cannot move. I am in agony from my neck to my ankles. I cannot move without hurting.

To be fair, I actually think the badminton was only part of the problem; five days of driving to places possibly hasn’t helped matters. Not to mention the small matter of my energy levels being seriously depleted.

Last night we ended up at a family party – instead of the 20 members of the family we thought we were going to meet, there ended up being over 40. It was good to see everybody and there is a sense of bemused luck that we have so much of an extended family, all of whom were friendly and welcoming. For me, I don’t do well with crowds energy wise, I had to fight off the urge to close my eyes and through sheer willpower managed to hold off until we were in the car. Still, my brain feels like cotton wool.

It would be sensible to rest all of today but tonight we have another family dinner which despite doing better on the whole saying no and cancelling when I’m not well this last year, I seem to be unable to utter the words “I’m not going.” to my father. Ah, well. I guess more painkillers are in my future tomorrow.


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