So I spent today writing rather than doing anything else which has been good even if it has meant that I completely forgot to go to the shop and post some letters not to mention pick up some washing up tablets for the dishwasher.

Guess I know what’s going to be first on my to-do list tomorrow.

My main problem is that I’m not sleeping very well at the moment which is impacting my energy levels.  So I think tomorrow I have to start coming up with some kind of bedtime routine that will prepare me mentally for sleep.

It’s a technique that is very effective with children; bath, story, bed.  Maybe I’ll give that a go.


Good intentions

Today I woke up with good intentions to spend the day studying.

It actually began OK.  I finished up some coaching work, reviewed my study plan and hit the books.   I rested after one chapter.  Read some more.  Rested.

Went for lunch.

It’s about here that the day got side-tracked. 

I blame Oprah.  She was doing a reality TV special and Adam Lambert (the runner-up of last year’s American Idol) was on.  So an hour behind, I did my exercise and well, really the day just ended up disappearing.

Still.  I did read that chapter and the commentary afterwards so I did do something.

Only Nine Lives

So, it is with sadness that today saw the end of Sam’s brave attempt to get through every elimination in the Masterchef Australia kitchen.

In all honesty, it was probably his time.  The other chefs are very good.  But Sam was a great contestant, the underdog – and we all know how much we Brits love an underdog.  He was also someone who achieved a great deal in the competition through sheer hard work, grit and determination.  It also helped that he was hugely likeable.  Matt, the hardened food critic, was emotional saying goodbye to the plucky contestant because Sam had inspired his young son to cook squid.

But having survived nine eliminations, he could not manage a tenth.  To misquote Julie’s comment after Sam survied his ninth elimination, he’d used up all his lives.

What did surprise me though is that Sam apparently left his wife the day after their marriage to take part in the competition, postponing their married life for weeks in the Masterchef house.  It reminded me of the woman on Masterchef UK who had done the same to take part in the heats for the returning contestants.  With absolute respect for them and their partners to make their own life choices, admittedly my own reaction is HUH?

Fair enough, a TV competition constitutes a once in a lifetime experience and there’s no guarantee of getting entry in the next season if you pass it up the first time around, but aren’t the first days of your married a once in a lifetime experience too?  I admit I find it bizarre and have to admit if I ever do find myself getting hitched, I’m not sure my reaction to my husband telling me he was off to spend the first days/weeks of our married life on a TV competition would be unequivocal support.  Possibly this is why I’m not married!  Still, so long as it works for the couples’ who do make that decision – that’s the main thing.

Spring Forward

Ah, British Summer Time.

There’s just nothing like waking up and realising that you’ve lost an hour while you’ve been asleep. 

At 3.54 am I woke up, eyelids snapping open in some kind of psychic knowledge of the house security alarm that went off in the street somewhere at 3.55am.  Very creepy.  Luckily the house in question turned it off within 5 minutes which is great because the last house to suffer an alarm, the occupants slept through it until the neighbourhood watch guy and someone else went over and got them up. 

I used to be used to fire alarms going off in the halls of residence at Uni.  I did my driving test (the one I actually passed) after three alarms throughout the night before.  But admittedly I hate being woken up by security alarms.  Mainly because you wonder why they’ve gone off and get up and peer out of the windows checking to see if there’s a sign of anyone breaking in.  And as a consequence, you sleep for the rest of the night on edge even though it’s not actually your house that was affected.

At least with the clocks going forward, the central heating system is now back in synch as I just never bothered changing it during the winter when the clocks went back.  But I’ve been restless all day because the time change does play havoc with the body clock.  1pm and I’m not hungry because my body knows its 12pm really, for instance.  I don’t think the cat’s overly impressed either.  He still got me up at the usual time and he was actually hungry – he was close enough that I heard his tummy rumble.  Maybe the disturbed night of sleep though will mean that I’m ready for an early night.

Odd Day

Today has been odd.

Not least because I completely forgot I was supposed to be at a tutorial for one module or at the day school for another.  Obviously I didn’t go to either.

Sometimes the diary and the wall calendar are just not enough.  Ah, my memory.  I remember the days when you were so much better.

Instead, having slept badly, I got up and fed the cat before falling straight back to sleep for another couple of hours.  Which has led to everything feeling slightly behind today and that was before I realised I was meant to be somewhere else entirely than sitting at home and writing.

Doctor Who?

Just a quick update as I’ve spent most of the day researching and reminding myself of Doctor Who before I start reviewing it come the new series in April. 

It was a fascinating trip back through ten doctors and it’s weird the stuff that comes back to you from your childhood.  I can vaguely remember Tom Baker as the Doctor; I do remember him regenerating into Peter Davison who was my Doctor.  I remember being incredibly disappointed by Colin Baker and bored by the time we got to McCoy and not surprised when it was cancelled.

Anyways, my eyes are all blurry so despite the very last season to go (and the three specials),  I’m calling it a night.

Finding energy

I’m slowly building up some energy although I fear not enough to make it either to my tutorial or the day school on Saturday.  I’m not sure I could take the travelling and I definitely couldn’t take more than an hour of sitting trying to focus on serious academic stuff.  Still, I’ll make a final decision tomorrow because the day school would I’m sure provide me with the analysis part of my next assignment.

It is incredibly difficult to keep pacing myself properly but I am doing OK.  I’m trying not to overload my day with “doing things”; I’m resting; I’m getting my thirty minutes of exercise.  I just need to keep thinking positively and continue improving.

On the bright side, I did accurately predict that Paige was going home on American Idol.  I agreed with Simon and Kara that she seemed to have just given up.  She was the worst performance of the night by far.  I actually quite like Tim Urban who the judges panned.  I thought he did a great performance, if unoriginal, and he deserved to stay in.  But then I thought the judges were being harsh on pretty much everyone this week.  I do think Tim’s card is marked as far as staying in Idol is concerned, and I think he knows it; I think he’s just thrilled to be in the competition at all and is going to enjoy himself so good for him.

UK Masterchef gets serious as it hits the semi-finals tomorrow night so I’m looking forward to that.  Bizarrely, Masterchef Australia brought back three contestants.  I can understand contestant Chris not being happy about it; it’s definitely hard on the four that had made it through the elimination rounds thus far. It would have been fairer, IMO, for the judges to each have had a ‘save’ card that they could have used throughout the competition once (hence three saves in total) to prevent a good contestant from going home at all rather than them going home and then coming back.   I may take a peek at the ending…