Out for Dinner

I went out for dinner with some friends this evening which was lovely.  Good company, good food.

Unfortunately I was the first at the restaurant/bar.  After searching futilely to see if I could spot anyone else my heart sank at the realisation I was the first.  It’s not a comfortable feeling turning up first.  You look like someone who is waiting for their date and who may be stood up. 

It’s weird because if I walk into a restaurant in order to dine alone, I don’t really mind.  I’m quite OK at turning up alone, sitting at a table and ordering a meal for one.  I usually have a book and read along as I eat my dinner. 

But I hate turning up first when there’s a group.  Hate waiting.  Obviously my habit of turning up early doesn’t help me really as I usually am first. 

Maybe I should start turning up late.  It’s a thought.



So, having fun yesterday meant that I woke up in agony today; lots of pain, a migraine and overwhelmingly tired.

I’m not entirely surprised because generally speaking doing something very active (I was on my feet for two hours posing, changing poses, changing clothes) and travelling (journey to and from hairdresser’s, journey to and from photo studio) generally does result in my body demanding a payment for expending all that energy.

Was it worth it?


Apart from the fact that it was a LOT of fun (and let’s not forget that it is one of my resolutions), it’s also great to have a lot of professional pics of me that I can use on the business website and elsewhere (yes, my LinkedIn, Facebook and ICF profile pictures are going to change).  It was a good investment of money, time and energy.

Unsurprisingly, then today has been all about rest.

Or at least it would have been if the cat hadn’t decided to get me up at 7.30am to tell me he was awake.  At least that’s the reason I think he got up because once I struggled out of bed (and I mean struggled), he ignored his clean litter tray, ignored the food I put down and waited until I was back in bed with a cup of tea before he curled up on my lap and promptly went back to sleep. 


Who can figure them out?

Apparently, not me.

Picture Perfect

Today has been fun.

Having decided my holiday snaps were just not going to cut it for the business website, I went today for a photoshoot with a professional photographer. 

Pretending to be a model for two hours was hard work (multiple costume changes so I have a lot of choice for the website) but the photographer was great – he gave me a lot of direction (which I needed) and – most importantly, made me look good.  While I wouldn’t say I’m ever going to look at a photo of myself and be completely happy, the photos are the best photos I’ve had taken of me.

It was a very good decision though to go to the hairdresser’s beforehand as my hair did look half way decent.   

So, shattered but in a good way.  Tomorrow is about relaxing though.

Have I done anything today?

Today has been one of those days when I know I’ve been busy but I look back and think – what did I actually do?


I did some writing.  That took up most of the morning because the cat was playing – let’s jump on Rachel and disturb her mid-thought.

I did some exercise – loving the Obstacle course on the Wii Fit Plus – and combined that with some tennis on Wii Sport (it is quite sad how competitive I get against cartoon opponents).

Watched Masterchef Australia and Masterchef UK while I had my dinner.


Organised hiring some marketing expertise.

And that’s been about it. 

Still not sure where the time went.


Before I begin, I just have to say –

Masterchef UK – Jonty?!!  Really??  I think they went for style over substance (his plates did look beautiful) and will be interested on Friday to see if he even makes the cut.  At least the Red team deservedly won on Masterchef Australia (and yes, I am addicted to both shows now).

Anyway, today has been a nice calm do-nothing day in comparison to yesterday and Monday which were quite busy.  I’ve just done what I’ve wanted and included a few chores around the house.

It’s also given me a chance to review whether I am managing to balance everything in terms of commitments/health.  I’m pleased to say that I’m doing OK.

I’m very tired but not overwhelming exhausted.  I think the adjustment on the pacing has helped enormously.  Cutting back the exercise has also been helpful as I’ve been less physically tired and only doing thirty minutes means that I have more time for rest during a busy day.

So, apart from the blip with the pain from standing/being out in the cold over the last couple of days, not doing badly at all.  If I continue to keep things balanced, I may even start gaining some energy rather than spending it all.

Frozen Thoughts

So, I’ve discovered I’m very British because this must be the third-fourth time I feel compelled to talk about the weather.  Namely that it’s freezing.

And I mean freezing.

It was cold yesterday too.  I spent a bracing fifteen minutes in it waiting for a taxi (which had gone to a primary school and not the school at which I was waiting).  Unsurprisingly, I woke up with my mid-spine in pain this morning as a result.  I partly blamed the taxi, partly blamed my decision to just wear a thin sweater under my winter coat. 

I had an appointment today so braved the cold again.  Having learnt my lesson from yesterday, I had layers of clothing but I was still freezing!  As I walked down the high street the cold was enough to make my eyes tear-up so by the time I arrived at my appointment I looked like someone had just given me really bad news.

Unsurprisingly my joints have completely stiffened up in protest too.  So pain and lots of it. 😦

And it snowed!  Again.  Although only for a minute.   Have I mentioned I hate this weather?

Tomorrow, I plan on staying in the warmth. 

With hot chocolate. 

And marshmallows.

Why I love Coaching

1. You get to see other people succeeding at their dreams and know you’ve helped them along the way.

I could leave it at that but I was mulling this over with a taxi driver the other day and I firmly believe what I said to him; coaching is a job which puts you into a positive head space. 

You’re talking with people about their innermost dreams and ambitions; seeing them if not achieve those in the timeframe of coaching, make significant progress towards them. 

It has a real feel-good factor.

2. It’s all about the learning

“The learning journey” is probably used as an expression but it’s the core of a coaching experience.  In many ways, it doesn’t matter what the dream is, what the actions taken are, it’s about learning from the experience whether it goes right or it doesn’t go quite as planned.

It makes me view my own experiences in a different light.  “What did I learn?” is rapidly becoming a question I ask myself each day.

3. It’s about celebrating success

Whether minor or major, coaching enables you to see each achievement as an achievement.  But not only that to really focus on giving credit that an achievement has been made.  Too often we don’t recognise that we’ve done a good job, or that sometimes just surviving the day is a good job.  Achievements come in all shapes and sizes and I love that.