It occurs to me just how much I’m juggling and how likely it is that I’m going to drop a ball or two.

It would help if I kept to the schedule but having done the schedule I now seem to be taking perverse pleasure in ignoring it. 

Not surprisingly since I ignored yesterdays ‘Rest Day’, I was very tired when I woke up.  And of course, today wasn’t helped that I’d already arranged things – a catch up lunch with a friend, a meeting with the bank business manager and a coaching session which didn’t all quite fit in with the beautiful colour coding of the schedule’s suggested activities either (namely ‘Business Day’).

Well, the bank business manager did as I was setting up the bank account for the (hopefully) imminent business.  Setting up a business is a new experience but it is fascinating and challenging.  Still, I’m looking forward to the part where I’m ‘set-up’.

Balls are dropping as I’ve decided from a health point of view that I definitely need to rest over the next few days so activities that are lined up to happen…won’t.  On one level I feel displeased that I haven’t got the energy to do them but on the other, I feel immensely relieved that I’m going to rest.  And my body is definitely happy at the idea of resting so its the right decision.

I can always pick the dropped balls back up eventually after all.


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