Tuesdays are Rest Days

….or not.

On my beautifully (and now updated to include all hours) schedule, Tuesday is my rest day.

As I’m working for Aimhigher on Monday, it seemed sensible to schedule Tueday as a ‘don’t do very much day’ especially as the last two Tuesdays have seen me wiped out completely. So apart from one coaching session, the rest of my day is scheduled to consist of nothing but rest, eating, some wii, more rest…

Today, I was tired. Not as wiped out as previous weeks (which is good because I think it means my energy levels are recovering in the wake of the Christmas/New Year period), which meant rather than just resting, I decided today was the day to get on and do other sorting out jobs for the imminent new business…like sort out a PO Box, get some professional liability insurance – those kind of logistical, practical things which are small but seem to take an inordinate amount of time.

Which meant really today has been a work day. Maybe an early night then…

And just as a complete non sequiter, how did I not know that ’80s TV show The A Team was being remade as a action film? Due out soonish? With Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith?? The trailer actually looks quite good. I’m intrigued.


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