Statistically Speaking…

It was never probable that I was going to completely understand the statistics side of the psychology course. 

Numbers are just not my thing – although I do have a soft spot for the TV series Numb3rs and like the way that maths can explain everything – perhaps the answer to the universe really is 42 – anyhow, as I was saying; numbers aren’t my thing.

Words, yes.  Love them.  Always enjoyed English – love writing.  Numbers – well, I kind of always thought that if you could add up, subtract, multiply and divide then pretty much you had all you needed to get along in life.

The last chapter of the Methods book was written in a completely different language, I swear.  I was following it pretty well up until then.  Median, mode, mean – yep, understand them.  Had some difficulty getting my head around the concept of one-tail and two-tail hypotheses but stuck with it.  But that last chapter…inferential statistics.  Hmmm. 

I think I’m going to have to read it again. 

Maybe with an English-to-Gobbledegook dictionary on hand.


Daily Horror-scope

I like astrology.  I used to be very into it at one point (can even do birth charts, etc) and find the concept of divining the future or gaining insight into someone’s personality from the alignment of stars in the sky fascinating.  So, I signed on for the daily horoscope on Facebook.   

I have to admit that most of this week I’ve been impressed by the coincidental accuracy – like the day it confirmed I would be dealing with financial matters when I went off to see the bank manager.  Today’s entry wasn’t so cheerful. 

Apparently, there’s a Full Moon.  It initially warned against travelling.  No problems there.  I don’t travel very much or very far at all these days.  (Which begs the question why I’m contemplating travelling round Canada in August but I digress).

It went on to to warn of being careful what I write in the next two weeks as it could lead to the ruination of my plans and reputation. 


I write a lot.

And I mean a lot.  Between the essays, the Aimhigher session handouts, the online reviews I do, the blog entries, the fanfic, the original fic…I write probably in the region of 15,000 words a week.  So I read the horoscope with something akin to horror.  I mean, which writing is going to be my ruination?  And what a word to use – ruination.  It’s a word which brings to mind more of a Victorian concept of ruination, I’m afraid, than anything else – I feel like I should have a fit of the vapors.  Perhaps I’ve already written whatever is the harbinger of my doom and it simply lies on my hard drive waiting to ruin me.

Yep, reading today’s horoscope was definitely not the stuff of cheerful positive thinking. 

In truth, I’m not taking it too seriously.  Honestly. 

But just to be on the safe side, maybe I’ll think twice before committing words to screen over the next few days…

Catching Up

It has been another rest day but tomorrow is definitely for studying.

In fact, today has been very nice as I’ve done nothing but what I’ve felt like with the exception of the hour doing Wii Fit.  “You will it enjoy”, I tell myself as I press ‘retry’ on the Advanced Steps for another go. “It’s good for you”, is the other phrase I use.  Actually, it isn’t all that bad once I’m doing it – it’s just the ‘doing it’ that I have to talk myself into and according to the little board cartoon I am losing weight so at least things are going in the right direction.  I’m just never going to love exercising.  Whatever rush of endorphins or other ‘feel-good’ hormones that are supposed to happen evidently don’t for me.

Besides Wii, I’ve also spent some time in the last twenty-four hours organising catching-up with old friends.  I’m actually quite impressed that I’m still in touch with quite a few of my old colleagues and even more impressed that I’m still in touch with quite a few of my old friends from school.  Staying in contact does require an effort though but it is very worthwhile.  I need to do more of it.  (Hence the New Year’s resolution).

Finally, yes, I am trying out yet another blog style.  The header is actually a picture I took when on holiday in Devon rambling so it seemed appropriate. 🙂

Thursdays are Rest Days

Well, actually on the schedule they’re ‘Study’ days but today was definitely a rest day.

I woke up with a low grade migraine (one with only the excruciating headache rather than one with the blinding headache and nausea), so all day I haven’t done very much except rest to get rid of the migraine.

Luckily, it went away in time for me to toddle out to the first Aimhigher Review (although I only managed an hour before I had to come home to…yes, rest some more).   Having, in some respects foolishly, decided to go as I was feeling a little better, I went out to the car and realised it was dark.  I hate driving in the dark but as I’d left it so long before deciding yes I was going, it was too late to call a taxi – plus there was the fact that I was only going to stay as long as I felt OK (which could have been five minutes or the whole two hours). 

I drove along only to end up in a whole queue of traffic (unsurprising as it was rush hour) and sat patiently inching forward to my destination, and wondering why some drivers are complete idiots (namely those ducking and diving from one lane to another in a haphazard attempt to get to their destination presumably two seconds faster than anyone else).  It reminded me even more that I hate driving period.  Five minutes into the queue I was immensely grateful for the automatic car as it does all the work really.  Driving home was pretty much a similar experience.

I now have a headache from the beaming headlights.

The lesson: I should have just stayed at home and rested some more.


It occurs to me just how much I’m juggling and how likely it is that I’m going to drop a ball or two.

It would help if I kept to the schedule but having done the schedule I now seem to be taking perverse pleasure in ignoring it. 

Not surprisingly since I ignored yesterdays ‘Rest Day’, I was very tired when I woke up.  And of course, today wasn’t helped that I’d already arranged things – a catch up lunch with a friend, a meeting with the bank business manager and a coaching session which didn’t all quite fit in with the beautiful colour coding of the schedule’s suggested activities either (namely ‘Business Day’).

Well, the bank business manager did as I was setting up the bank account for the (hopefully) imminent business.  Setting up a business is a new experience but it is fascinating and challenging.  Still, I’m looking forward to the part where I’m ‘set-up’.

Balls are dropping as I’ve decided from a health point of view that I definitely need to rest over the next few days so activities that are lined up to happen…won’t.  On one level I feel displeased that I haven’t got the energy to do them but on the other, I feel immensely relieved that I’m going to rest.  And my body is definitely happy at the idea of resting so its the right decision.

I can always pick the dropped balls back up eventually after all.

Tuesdays are Rest Days

….or not.

On my beautifully (and now updated to include all hours) schedule, Tuesday is my rest day.

As I’m working for Aimhigher on Monday, it seemed sensible to schedule Tueday as a ‘don’t do very much day’ especially as the last two Tuesdays have seen me wiped out completely. So apart from one coaching session, the rest of my day is scheduled to consist of nothing but rest, eating, some wii, more rest…

Today, I was tired. Not as wiped out as previous weeks (which is good because I think it means my energy levels are recovering in the wake of the Christmas/New Year period), which meant rather than just resting, I decided today was the day to get on and do other sorting out jobs for the imminent new business…like sort out a PO Box, get some professional liability insurance – those kind of logistical, practical things which are small but seem to take an inordinate amount of time.

Which meant really today has been a work day. Maybe an early night then…

And just as a complete non sequiter, how did I not know that ’80s TV show The A Team was being remade as a action film? Due out soonish? With Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith?? The trailer actually looks quite good. I’m intrigued.

Give me an 'R'…

It’s one of those strange things but sometimes I find it’s all too easy to dismiss an achievement as an achievement. I’m a natural pessimist so I do sometimes just jump to the ‘what’s gone wrong’ mode rather than ‘what’s gone right’.

This blog is really helping me focus on the positive because (a) I have to find something to talk about every day and (b) it’s actually a running record of how I’m doing.

The other thing that has really helped me is coaching – both being coached and coaching others.

As a coach, one of the roles I perform is being the personal cheerleader for clients – helping them to recognise their achievements and celebrate them, bolstering their confidence when things aren’t progressing the way they would like them to be. In doing so, I’ve gained the ability to recognise an achievement for an achievement and not just something that anyone can do. Because maybe anyone can do it but the important thing for the client is that they have achieved it.

Being coached has also helped me focus on my own achievements and to see them as achievements. It’s made me realise that I can accomplish a great deal. And in realising I can accomplish perhaps what I’ve in the past deemed small stuff, it’s also made me realise that I can accomplish the big stuff.

OK, so maybe the secret fantasy of wanting to be a fighter jet pilot is never going to come true (I blame Airwolf) but I can arrange an ‘experience day’ and get a ride in a fighter jet (because the reality is that I would hate being in the military – far too much physical exercise – so I only really want the experience), or I can save, and take lessons to fly helicopters if I really want to. And maybe the dream of going into space is “out there” but again, it’s not impossible. I could climb Mount Everest if I really wanted to do it (not that I do, I hasten to add, nor am I ever likely to want to climb any mountain).

Nothing is truly impossible; it’s only impossible because we tell ourselves it is.

More importantly, I’m also not beating myself up about stuff. While yesterday’s blog may seem like evidence to the contrary, actually the blog helped me to put what was after all a minor error into perspective – something else that coaching is very good at doing.

For me, the lesson is really that I need to be my own personal cheerleader, and that it is an absolutely an essential part of being a good coach.